Cold As Balls: Deon Cole and Kevin Hart | Old Spice

  • Published on:  1/23/2019
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  • TrickWithAKnife
    TrickWithAKnife 6 months ago+78

    There's a whole lot of references and I have no idea what they're to.

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    I'm here for Deon not Kevin. 💀

  • SemperPie
    SemperPie 6 months ago+50

    Thank you, Old Spice. Very cool!

  • The Onee-Chan Man
    The Onee-Chan Man 6 months ago+83

    This video lacks power.

  • Roboterize
    Roboterize 6 months ago+39

    As European watching this i am mildly confused.

  • Tsukiyomaru Zero
    Tsukiyomaru Zero 6 months ago+18

    A 3 minutes ad... I wouldn't skip.

  • FungusTrooper
    FungusTrooper 6 months ago+26

    what is going on

  • MitchManEXE
    MitchManEXE 6 months ago+42

    Where is Terry Crews?

  • William Farmer
    William Farmer 6 months ago+8

    I have never subscribed to a AD producer , until now lol. I love deon cole he is funny.

  • Rawjudgement
    Rawjudgement 6 months ago+15

    If the guy in the thumb had glasses, he would look like a Black Jeff Goldblum.

  • Kobe Robertson
    Kobe Robertson 6 months ago+6

    Kevin Hart plays the same character in everything he plays in including commercials

  • Vinny Angell
    Vinny Angell 6 months ago+6

    two of the funniest in the biz, but this NOT funny..

  • Diva Keka
    Diva Keka 6 months ago+15

    Deon is so handsome, they could have left Kevin out

  • Rdskinsfan27
    Rdskinsfan27 6 months ago+24

    Kevin Hart has chemistry with anyone.

  • Lorraine G.
    Lorraine G. 6 months ago+3

    Deon is so sexy and funny lol 😍

  • Gshift
    Gshift 6 months ago+6

    I take it this wasn't directed by Tim & Eric.

  • IS0LAT0R
    IS0LAT0R 6 months ago+6


  • thesix107
    thesix107 6 months ago+11

    Hahaha wtf. Needs more POOOWWWEERRRRR!!!!!!!!

  • Queen T
    Queen T 6 months ago+2

    😂😂😂😂 I love Kevin freaking funny why you doing you own echos

  • Mike Based
    Mike Based 6 months ago+1

    kevin hart stole from Renny when he blew in the camera