Primitive Survival: Cooking Meat on a Rock



  • Amos
    Amos a years ago+2685

    Do you smell what the rock is cooking ?

  • Hashirama Senju
    Hashirama Senju 6 months ago+834

    Dude, don't chew like that. Predators can hear you from 10 miles away

  • Elba MTCH
    Elba MTCH 6 months ago+185

    Mom: What are you doing?
    Me: Trying to be a Primitive in 2020

  • V3M2
    V3M2 6 months ago+411

    They need to teach things like this in school.

  • El Conserje
    El Conserje 6 months ago+585

    How can I get his hair cut with stones ?

  • Chris
    Chris a years ago+1323

    Caveman has Really good thumbnail editing skills

  • NightFilly
    NightFilly 6 months ago+179

    video : japanese
    description : english
    comments : spanish

  • Andrew Tully
    Andrew Tully 6 months ago+100

    Primitive survival just got the meat from the local supermarket

  • Alexander Haskett
    Alexander Haskett 7 days ago+31

    At 4:24 my first-world-ass thought:
    “He forgot the Non-stick spray”

  • Jenna Amy
    Jenna Amy 7 days ago+15

    Chef Gordon Ramsey approved

  • Jorge
    Jorge a years ago+589

    Hardest part was to find that garlic in the jungle

  • 2000 subscribers without any videos

    can you eat the rock?

  • Oni Toddler
    Oni Toddler 1 months ago+17

    This guy's playing real life Minecraft😮

  • Hawaii OG
    Hawaii OG yesterday

    You don't have to keep cutting it look setupnlike your eating differnt meet not had to set it up n keep it rolling god damn 😂🤧🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Jose Luis Robles
    Jose Luis Robles 6 months ago+76

    Sticks and stones might break my bones but they can feed me too, leaves and branches

  • matheus mota
    matheus mota 8 months ago+1361

    Looks easy...I'm gonna try it.
    5 Hours later...

  • Pavin Magnus
    Pavin Magnus 16 hours ago

    So my first confusion did he get his haaircut?

  • BrightMoonGacha
    BrightMoonGacha 5 days ago+5

    Kids these days: I need AirPods
    Guy on YouTube: Lets teach kids how to cook on rocks!

  • eunice silva
    eunice silva 1 months ago+15

    These peeps need to go on "Naked and Afraid"....Lol

  • cozie4
    cozie4 2 months ago+14

    I love hearing the crackling of the calming