Ava Max - Sweet but Psycho [Official Music Video]



  • Fat Boi (Jan 14, 2019)

    Hair Cutter: long or short?Ava: YesHair Cutter: .....

  • SomeRandomDude YT (2 days ago)

    That's is last reply :)

  • SomeRandomDude YT (2 days ago)

    One more reply before you cant reply anymore :)

  • Tufos Mashups (15 hours ago)

    omg i just noticed that it's raining in the beginning of the videobut there's no rain

  • #1 KING_NARKUYS (5 hours ago)

    2000 IQ

  • Animation Minis. (2 days ago)

    150M Views ♥ Here before 50M Though... Can't stop comming Back...

  • AZRAEL FURY (30 minutes ago)

    It just means your sweet but psycho 🤷‍♂️

  • Snezana (2 hours ago)

    +reyn walus I was here before 1mln!

  • Bittertokken (2 days ago)

    How dare you write a song about my wife!!

  • Lena Xx (1 hour ago)

    Bittertokken LMAO IM DEADD💀💀

  • Noa Heere (2 hours ago)


  • billy (19 hours ago)

    I think this song should be in a Movie introducing Harley Quinn 🔫🔹♦

  • Noelia Reiñanco (2 hours ago)

    Do you want to ruin the song?

  • Ordinary Kayak (3 hours ago)


  • Sphex (Jan 13, 2019)

    I swear this song has just suddenly blown up?

  • Brandon B. (18 hours ago)

    I know right I never heard of it till like earlier today I caught the end of it and was like “hey lemme listen to the whole thing”

  • Tripodfilms 101 (23 hours ago)

    wtf you doing here?

  • Mashmellow House (2 days ago)

    Então eu tava levando o Bradley para passear

  • Marcos Antonio (14 hours ago)

    😂😂😂😂 quando eu disser "já "a gente sorri junto tá ?

  • PANDiNSKi (1 day ago)

    That guy looks just like Avicii!

  • sahal geedi (13 minutes ago)

    May he rest in piece

  • that guy (2 days ago)

    This sounds like a 2010 song. I like it!

  • Carlynina1983 collins (4 hours ago)

    +Sophia K I just recently got back into nightcore

  • Sophia K (4 hours ago)

    Carlynina1983 collins I used to listen to nightcore a lot. I haven’t listened to it in a long time.

  • R M! (1 day ago)

    Look like lady gaga.

  • J O (1 hour ago)

    And also sounds like Lady Gaga