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  • Habanero Jones
    Habanero Jones 21 days ago+1002

    Okay. What's this one?
    That's a fish.
    Good. Name this fish.
    That's a good name. You pass.

  • Rahul R.
    Rahul R. 28 days ago+1848

    me-finds the biggest fish
    “It’s a baby shark”

  • Bcplay
    Bcplay 1 months ago+3096

    My answer would be: long fish, flat fish, sharpnose fish, pinkmeat fish, cute fish, bigeyes fish....

  • Joe
    Joe 1 months ago+1281

    "A dory?"
    "I need more information"
    "John Dory?"
    "No I'm sorry"
    Georgia: iT's A sOlE fIsH

  • Gaming with Hannsel
    Gaming with Hannsel 1 months ago+2190

    Contestant: picks a Fish
    Silver Dory: boooiiii i eliminated 3 of u

  • Az Jai
    Az Jai 1 months ago+1089

    "This is a mirror dorry
    Sometimes known as a silver dorry
    Georgia I'm sorry"
    That's three lines for a poem

  • GamingWith Saw
    GamingWith Saw 1 months ago+725

    I would’ve pointed my finger at the big guy and said that is a whale

  • Dako ko ug OTEN
    Dako ko ug OTEN 1 months ago+1242

    Bangus, galunggong, talakitok, tamban, isda sa bato, lapu-lapu, tangigue, budlisan, maya-maya, bariles, sardinas, tilapia, maranai, tubod.
    PS. Thanks sa likes haha laughtrip 😂
    Proud Bisdak here! Cagayan de Oro City ❤️

  • Thomas van den Belt
    Thomas van den Belt 1 months ago+797

    Isn’t it a huge advantage to guess first though?

  • Andrej Nikolov
    Andrej Nikolov 1 months ago+657

    I only knew salmon and sardine. Oh, my fish knowledge...

  • Acalath
    Acalath 1 months ago+731

    They're low-key panicking while I'm here thinking about Nemo

  • lotusgarden
    lotusgarden 1 months ago+864

    She literally walked up and said dory. Then he said need more information. Why tf would you pick that one if you ain’t answering with ____dory?

  • Pamplona Pamplona
    Pamplona Pamplona 1 months ago+396

    I'm sorry Georgia it is not a Dory, We are still finding DORY.

  • BigBenMK
    BigBenMK yesterday+3

    How did he get flounder from that fish that’s disappointing

  • 100,000 subscribers without any videos

    Lmao is this some biology practical exam?

  • wee wee
    wee wee 1 months ago+477

    all the fish plates should've contained numbers and all the contestants had to do was to name those numbers on a paper and then it would be a fair contest.

  • Imagine Us
    Imagine Us 1 months ago+235

    contestant: steps forward
    silver dory: im about to end this mf's whole career

  • tanyon derrick
    tanyon derrick 1 months ago+272

    I can’t believe the rainbow trout and salmon took so long to be identified lol

  • Naomi Koo
    Naomi Koo 1 months ago+125

    me with zero fish knowledge: identifying fish by comparing it to what I've seen in animal crossing

  • David U
    David U 1 months ago+119

    "what fish is this?"
    Me trying to guess : "it is a fish... a big fish"