Who Is The Best Team in Each Division? Week 6 Storylines | The Lefkoe Show

  • Published on:  10/14/2019
  • Brian Westbrook and Lefkoe go toe-to-toe through all eight divisions to determine which team currently reigns supreme in each... and there are some pretty serious debates. Plus! The return of America's favorite Mark Cuban-based reality-tv-based sports podcast segment: Dolphin Tank! Will Lefkoe successfully trick Westbrook into believing Kirk Cousins deserves the MVP? Find out this and more on the Lefkoe Show!

    1:30 the current state of officiating is going to get worse and worse before it gets better
    3:30 Dolphin Tank is back!
    3:45 The Steelers are going to win their division.
    7:20 Erik McCoy should be the Offensive Rookie of the Year
    10:03 Westbrook on the importance of the O-line: You win games in the trenches, and the center is QB of the line
    12:10 Goff looked really bad yesterday, and it’s only going to get worse
    13:15 Lefkoe believes the Saints are going to the Super Bowl, and now they’re the team of God
    14:30 Westbrook just loves Russ, reminds him of his Ford F350, he just runs.
    21:20 What happened to the Falcons?
    22:40 The 49ers defense is the real deal and the offense with Jimmy Garoppolo hasn’t even hit his stride
    24:50 Kyle Shanahan has endless tricks up his sleeve
    27:35 We think It’s Deshaun Watson, but it’s actually Kirk Cousins who deserves love in the MVP race
    33:15 Let’s talk about the MVP race
    36:30 Comparing McCaffrey to the last three RBs to win MVP
    43:43 Breaking down each division: Who’s the best team in each one?
    54:20 AFC North: Westbrook says Ravens, but Lefkoe thinks it’s the Steelers
    57:10 AFC South: Westbrook says Colts, Lefkoe takes Texans
    1:00:20 The Chiefs are the best team in the AFC West
    1:01:00 The Chiefs Gave their RB just 8 carries in a close game? Mahomes is so good that they’re not building enough around him
    1:05:20 NFC East: Westbrook says Eagles, Lefkoe arguing for Dallas
    1:07:30 Westbrook knows what Dak is going through from his own experience
    1:13:50 The NFC north is too close to call
    1:15:00 The NFC south comes down to the Saints and Panthers

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