Sleep Over At My GIRLFRIEND'S House !? - Daycare (Minecraft Roleplay)

  • Published on:  7/16/2019
  • NEW SUMMER STYLES ARE NOW AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME!► and Tina sittin’ in a tree, Goldy is just wa-a-tching. Unicorn Mann is also there, being super cool. 😎►Episode - Sleep Over At My GIRLFRIEND'S House !? - Daycare (Minecraft Roleplay)•🔷•🔷•🔷•🔷•🔷•🔷•🔷•🔷•🔷•🔷•🔷•Follow me:►Twitter -►Instagram - ON FACEBOOK -•🔷•🔷•🔷•🔷•🔷•🔷•🔷•🔷•🔷•🔷•🔷•Friends:► Tina -► Unicorn Mann -► Goldy -•🔷•🔷•🔷•🔷•🔷•🔷•🔷•🔷•🔷•🔷•🔷•►Minecraft Daycare Playlist -•🔷•🔷•🔷•🔷•🔷•🔷•🔷•🔷•🔷•🔷•🔷•Thanks for all the support, Rock Army!#ryguyrocky#minecraft#minecraftroleplayWant 25% off your very own server? Check out bisect Hosting and use code "Ryguyrocky"


  • ForestSkye
    ForestSkye 1 months ago+156

    Tina: * says absolutely anything about her and Ryan kissing*

  • Emerald Espeon
    Emerald Espeon 1 months ago+267

    This is officially the 800th episode of Daycare Season 3!

  • Toby gough
    Toby gough 1 months ago+15

    At 1:20 I think Goldy has the nicest house because it is a tree house, and I find that very creative, very creative.
    What do you think

  • William Teos
    William Teos 1 months ago+60

    Ryan you are the best Youtuber ever I hope you have a TEArrific day

    BOSSCRAFTER 123 1 months ago+17

    How did I know that's how it would end
    Tina making a deal where ryan had to kiss her
    It's almost like it happens every time
    Love your guys vids they're the best

  • Emmett Livingstone
    Emmett Livingstone 1 months ago+9

    Ryan: Goldy, What is that?
    Goldy: A roller coaster... into the pool
    Me: So a waterslide?

  • GamerDude001
    GamerDude001 1 months ago+38

    So, what about the Ryan Shrine in Tina’s Closet??

  • sweet soul
    sweet soul 1 months ago+47

    Is it just me or did Goldy stop loving Ryan as much

  • Sugar Angel
    Sugar Angel 1 months ago+72

    I was watching another video, than this notification came up.

  • Nuke 123
    Nuke 123 1 months ago+42

    I love you videos ryan I have watched you since the beginning of your daycare videos

  • fugy productions [YT]
    fugy productions [YT] 1 months ago+9

    Hello Ryan can you play the crafting dead please

  • ProGamerq
    ProGamerq 1 months ago+17

    Ryan: Ima about to ruin this girls whole career
    Also Ryan: Hey guys we’re going to have a party at Tina’s house
    Tina: what

  • Xxpast Flores
    Xxpast Flores 1 months ago+13

    Love your vids. By the way can i Join u in August 1 or 2 plzzz

  • Teddy family's big brother

    I have been watching your video's so much seens I am a little kid I was 6 years old wen I watch I miss shark and saber back soon but love watching your videos for ever😃😀.

  • Annie 483
    Annie 483 1 months ago+8

    Has anyone ever noticed that Tina Is nicer in the in the other channels and on hers she is Goldy got killed by TinatheTiger

  • -Mystiic-
    -Mystiic- 1 months ago+23

    RYGUYROCKY How dare u mess with our ships
    ships:am i a joke to you?
    Me: Apparently

  • Charbel Lizarraga
    Charbel Lizarraga 1 months ago+9

    Ryan ur my favorite YouTuber I've watched since ur minecraft GTA5 videos

  • MC watermelon
    MC watermelon 1 months ago+4

    why can't you kiss her I'm so angry 😠 ryan your ruining my ship! And please ask her out, just go on date with her😢 make her happy!
    You would make such a cute couple!😍

  • Lizzy Green
    Lizzy Green 1 months ago+5

    In videos...
    Ryan: “Me and Tina aren’t dating, and we never were together!!!”
    In the thumbnails: “Sleepover at my girlfriends house”

  • Taisei Matsuki
    Taisei Matsuki 1 months ago+3

    I know this is a role play but sometimes Ryan and Tina gets on my nerves.