Adele - Hello (Rock Cover by Fame On Fire) | Punk Goes Pop

  • Published on:  11/3/2015
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  • Callum Wood-Brignall
    Callum Wood-Brignall 2 years ago+5242

    Please tell me that I am not the only one who likes the rock/punk versions of music more than the originals.

  • Johnny Fly
    Johnny Fly a years ago+651

    I heard Adele tried to make a cover of this

  • TheWinner Music
    TheWinner Music 7 months ago+336

    2019 ? 😎🤘

  • Jeff
    Jeff a years ago+343

    getting a linkin park vibe

  • ParaShoot Music
    ParaShoot Music a years ago+177

    Best 'hello' cover.

  • Cindy Rivera
    Cindy Rivera  3 years ago+1249

    who else likes their version better than the original?

  • 3hirdtimesacharm
    3hirdtimesacharm 9 months ago+99

    Like some others here I can't help but get a Chestor Bennington-Linkin Park vibe from this cover. "Hello from the other side. How are you?" It's as if Chestor is trying to reach us through the music. Just like the song says, "at least I can say I tried." He tried to make it through it all in the end, but succumbed to his demons of suicide and depression. Lastly, "..I'm sorry for breaking you're heart." I think if he could see his family and fans once more he'd say that he's sorry for leaving us all the way he did. Also, "there's so much difference between us; and a million miles apart," possibly meaning he's in another world so far from us now and that possibly not many truly understood what was going on in his mind leading up to his untimely death. Not sure, but it gives me the chills as I think about him and the influence he's had on so many around the world.
    RIP CB LP <3

  • CHAZ ster
    CHAZ ster a years ago+35

    Clearly 4.4 k People have no taste in music - love this

  • TraceguyRune
    TraceguyRune 1 months ago+23

    Adele: I've made a good song.
    Fame On Fire: Hold our beers.

  • Jaylee Standridge
    Jaylee Standridge 6 months ago+29

    I'm so grateful my curiosity made me click this. I have so many songs that I'd feel better if they were rock and you made that come true

  • Adam kahn
    Adam kahn 2 days ago

    I think this band is the only one out there that made a cover of "Numb" that wouldve given Chester goosebumps!

  • ash m.
    ash m. a years ago+15

    That moment when the cover's better than the original.

  • Dhaine Tating
    Dhaine Tating 11 months ago+182

    Bless the soul of these people who made hello this way. From 2018, anyone? ♥

  • Debashish Das
    Debashish Das a years ago+24

    3:30-3:49 just tears me apart

  • Surya Ramadhan
    Surya Ramadhan 3 years ago+558

    why rock version is better than original ?

  • ไอร่' หยอง

    คนไทยมารวมกันตรงนี้ 2562 😊

  • Essalhi Abdelfattah
    Essalhi Abdelfattah 1 months ago+20

    i like this cover even much better than the original song 🤩

  • Monica Soto
    Monica Soto a years ago+6

    I love remakes!! especially rock/ metal versions.

  • Joe Belew
    Joe Belew 1 months ago+15

    Everything sounds better when rock!!!!

  • Arman Bustan
    Arman Bustan 2 years ago+1011

    play it more fast 1.25