Iconic Movie Scenes Recreated in Gang Beasts SIDE BY SIDE EDITION

  • Published on:  12/23/2018
  • Here they are side by side. Hope you guys like it. BTW I got the clips from Youtube and it was hard to find some with good quality so these were the best i could find. MOVIES RECREATEDTitanicToy Story300Star Wars Empire Strikes BackStar Wars Revenge of the SithAvengers Infinity WarThe Lion KingDawn of the Planet of the Apes


  • Flippy Gaming
    Flippy Gaming 7 months ago+1100

    2:23 when you drop your hot pockets

  • åňïmåtion háńńáh ţhə čăť

    Can we all have a moment to appreciate the way woody smacked the helmet off buzz's head?

  • Animegirl Is best!
    Animegirl Is best! 7 months ago+889

    "I'll never let go I promise" let's Jack go
    OMG 200. Likes

  • benjibenji69
    benjibenji69 7 months ago+556

    I can't believe Tony killed Peter again at 5:40

  • josh gray
    josh gray 7 months ago+457

    I love how she flinings the guy around really great video 😂😂
    5:30 was timed perfectly

  • Amastalia University
    Amastalia University 7 months ago+232

    1:09 WHAT!!! WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!!!!!!!!!

  • Timo Kuronja
    Timo Kuronja 7 months ago+509

    The avengers is on point
    Groot tho

  • Ondrův Let's Play
    Ondrův Let's Play 7 months ago+144

    3:06 I don't feel so good...

  • chuong ma
    chuong ma 7 months ago+273

    1:28 ”YOu ARe a ToYyYyYyYyY!”

  • xXThermal ArrowXx
    xXThermal ArrowXx 7 months ago+250

    The infinity war one tho 😭😭😭😭

  • Avi Arty
    Avi Arty 7 months ago+281

    Hello person who is scrolling thru the comments =3

  • Wolficorn Doggo
    Wolficorn Doggo 7 months ago+55

    2:53 The Gang Beasts version looks like a hairy maniac battling a purple minion with a large piece of metal

  • FluxCptnDavey
    FluxCptnDavey 7 months ago+516

    Me: I need at least I good video later.
    *1 hour Later*
    Youtube while Drunk: Here's a new vid that was posted an hour ago!
    Me: Youtube you need help.
    Jokes aside You make awesome videos also do you think DinoLover is going to see this?

  • loveable lily
    loveable lily 7 months ago+94


  • C1awzzz
    C1awzzz 6 months ago+42

    Rose: I Will Never Let Go....
    *Lets Go*
    Jack: DIES

  • Flame da Hedgehawg
    Flame da Hedgehawg 6 months ago+12

    1:30 can we appreciate the way woody punched buzz of the building xd

  • Kirafunnywolf
    Kirafunnywolf 7 months ago+45

    3:21 ARE YPU FREAKING KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW!?! I was just getting over this!! 🤣😭

  • Bryan Santillan
    Bryan Santillan 7 months ago+64

    Real Movie scenes Vs Gang beast Re created scenes Keep up the good work for the Other parts :DD

  • AnimeLover930
    AnimeLover930 5 months ago+13

    “Nooooooo!” arms go up in celebration XD

  • Stoopidstuff YT
    Stoopidstuff YT 7 months ago+24

    I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw groot ‘s costume 🤣🤣🤣🤣