Teens Vs. Adults: Who's the Worst Texter? Ft. Taylor & Reese Hatala • Ladylike

  • Published on:  2/2/2019
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  • JJ Green
    JJ Green 6 months ago+2978

    I died when Jen started talking about LinkedIN

  • Narin :/
    Narin :/ 6 months ago+1497

    That girl is 12, she's not a teen

  • Krystal Perez
    Krystal Perez 6 months ago+629

    I love how the 12yr old choose all the same answers as the older sister

  • lollipop 516
    lollipop 516 6 months ago+865

    You have LinkedIN? You have endorsable skills? What's your work history? I DIED LAUGHING

  • Gili Mundel
    Gili Mundel 6 months ago+1058

    Officially twelve year olds are tweens...

  • Kathleen
    Kathleen 6 months ago+230

    teens vs adult
    brings a 12 y/o

  • Danielle Ricketts
    Danielle Ricketts 6 months ago+411

    Excuse me, 12 years old is not a teen.

    RONDO T 6 months ago+281

    9:13 anyone else thought she said nudes

  • XVI
    XVI 6 months ago+355

    I have my read receipts on because I WANT you to know when I’m ignoring you

  • Stephanie Hud
    Stephanie Hud 6 months ago+250

    I'll wish Jen was in more videos like this with an organic talk flow. Shes so funny.

  • Haley Gentry
    Haley Gentry 6 months ago+596

    I converse with gifs. If there's gif that can express my response, you can bet your butt I'm using it.

  • yeet
    yeet 6 months ago+419

    who tf are these kids

  • Hannah Cheg
    Hannah Cheg 6 months ago+505

    Okay... I love ladylike, but to be completely honest I have not liked all of these quiz videos. These are just not the same level of content that you used to put out.

  • Charlotte Lewis
    Charlotte Lewis 6 months ago+420

    Jen and fred seem so old in this video lol
    Edit: thanks for all the likes!

  • rookiemily
    rookiemily 6 months ago+196

    I laughed SO hard when Jen mentioned LinkedIn

  • luna lovegood wanna be
    luna lovegood wanna be 6 months ago+100

    "they have friends and we have mom's!"
    - Jen February 2019

  • wanderlust.x
    wanderlust.x 6 months ago+506

    What happened to the old content? Where it was all about new trends, women empowerment, crazy stories about each other or journeys everyone in the team has gone through, even cute sentimental ones. Lately it's all been random videos and quizzes and hot takes 😪 still like Ladylike but still tho

  • Riley Smith
    Riley Smith 6 months ago+428

    looks at text notifications
    reads 113
    “You know it doesn’t bother me that much”

  • Ankita Singh
    Ankita Singh 6 months ago+66

    I love how the twelve year old said lame-o

  • Analee Alverastine
    Analee Alverastine 6 months ago+67

    The nails of the 12 year old