This Channel Is Changing!



  • Cyder
    Cyder 18 minutes ago

    I kind of like it! :)

  • Keekee
    Keekee 3 hours ago

    I feel like Lilly and Letitia Wright would get along so well

  • Asian Note
    Asian Note 4 hours ago

    Why you changing your channel

  • AG Love
    AG Love 5 hours ago

    Funny how people bash lily of being energetic and happy when
    1. It's her personality and if you don't like it then don't watch her videos
    2. Do u expect her to sit and talk in the camera acting all depressed? yet when people are sad you bash them to be happy! y'all haters are impossible

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    Lily I’ve seen a lot of hate in the comments, but I wanna say your awesome and I appreciate your videos so muchhhhhhh.

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  • Usma Tariq
    Usma Tariq 7 hours ago

    We got your back girl.

  • Unicorns 4 Eternity
    Unicorns 4 Eternity 8 hours ago

    Lilly I have this song that you were in can you guess...
    Maroon 5....

  • Candy Thoms
    Candy Thoms 8 hours ago+1

    Okay so this is just my opinion. I have the right to comment on this video cause this is youtube.
    As a young Indian girl, I used to LOVE her back in the days where she filmed her videos in Canada. She was one among the very few Indian youtubers back then and her content was just so funny and creative. (Eg: Girls on period, Girls Group chat, etc.,) Before the entire "UNICORN" stuff happened, that was when her content was excellent. Just like many celebrities fame got to her and turned her (or her content) into a fake cringey and unfunny. Maybe this change could bring her old self back. But she should remember that she has her fame now, because she was real back then.
    Oof I have been wanting to say all of this for years now haha No offence to her Unicorns (fans) or whatever lol

  • Verity Jane
    Verity Jane 8 hours ago

    Fighting for health too is important too

  • Anshul Gautam
    Anshul Gautam 9 hours ago

    Lilly I love you and I get what you're talking about... You're killing it, queen ❤

  • Cynacist
    Cynacist 9 hours ago

    Lilly, just be yourself. We like YOU.

  • Stephanie M
    Stephanie M 10 hours ago

    Never sell 23andme ever again there trying to sell my spit sample for 10000 $

  • Yummy Jeffrey
    Yummy Jeffrey 14 hours ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Me Me
    Me Me 18 hours ago

    Oh you don't love me so you are a liar

  • Me Me
    Me Me 18 hours ago

    Lily if you love me send me the money

  • Likely_ Lijah
    Likely_ Lijah 20 hours ago

    Everyone needs to stop trying to be doctors, you guys don't have to diagnose her with something, she is genuinely happy and excited about her work! Instead of leaving hate just don't watch.

  • Jesse Barretto
    Jesse Barretto 20 hours ago

    If you just make more contents about your parents thingie it would be more awesome. That’s what you’re good at, you’d get more views on that. Phew...

  • Flexy Things
    Flexy Things 20 hours ago

    I LOVED YOUR STORYBOOTH VIDEO! I honestly watched it 50 times!

  • Missy Muse
    Missy Muse 21 hours ago

    I love you Lilly