Huge Lego train station MOC of 25000 bricks with Lego monorail and bus platforms

  • Published on:  6/4/2016
  • Lego train station of enormous proportions! In this video you'll see some Lego stop motion clips as well as legendary Lego trains like the Metroliner, the Horizon Express and the 7740 arrive at and leave the platforms of more than 2,5 meters in length.

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    The Lego train station has some awesome features like:
    - automatic sliding doors
    - working elevators
    - working escalators
    - working solar panels on the roof
    - TFT LCD that shows a timetable and ads
    - built-in lighting (over 100 LED's in total)
    - fast food restaurant
    - flower shop
    - Lego shop
    - premium "The coffee chain" coffee bar
    - pizza restaurant with the best pizza's in Lego City
    - canteen for the Lego station employees
    - pedestrian bridge to monorail and bus station
    - roof terrace with a view on the platforms and Lego trains
    - 3 tracks with platforms that are 2,5 meters long
    - Lego monorail station with the 60097 tram converted to monorail
    - Lego bus station
    - All electronics are controlled by an Arduino Mega

    I built the design in two months in Lego Digital Designer. The building process including electronics took about four months (next to a daytime job).

    If you want to know more about the building process, check this playlist with all videos that have been shot during the building process!

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