Stephen Kasolo Jane Mwanzia And Abby Nato Nthakame Ya Yesu (Official video) Dial *811*401# /*811*86#

  • Published on:  7/10/2019
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  • stephen kasolo
    stephen kasolo  1 months ago+22

    Blood of Jesus! Thank you Lord, your blood speaks great things over my life.

  • Jane Mwanzia
    Jane Mwanzia 1 months ago+16

    Such a powerful song,Yes!! The blood of Jesus speaks better things.

  • Moseh Kenya Nation
    Moseh Kenya Nation 1 months ago+11

    If your reading this may this song bring along new levels in your life and may you receive that what has always been in your prayer item 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Mc simoh
    Mc simoh 1 months ago+7

    Bloood of jesus heals everything and talks the best about us big song and revelation there 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 wapi like kwake stephene kasolo and the team

  • Lucky Tv
    Lucky Tv 1 months ago+1

    The powerful blood of Jesus speaks blessings, great elevation and unending grace....good one!!! Congrats

  • Joyce toto
    Joyce toto 1 months ago+1

    wow blood of Jesus speaks good for us and has a high price.what a nice song .Be blessed all

  • bonnie kim
    bonnie kim 1 months ago+1

    The Blood ,on the Cross.. The Cost for us to be forgiven and Redeemed. Ooooooh yes Thankyou Jesus.. !!

  • felix silu
    felix silu 1 months ago+3

    Finally it's out..... inspiring...keep it up daddy

  • Catherine kimanthi
    Catherine kimanthi 1 months ago+3

    The blood of Jesus is a strong tower to believers,,it washes away our sins,,blood that speaks prosperity and victory .
    Powerful worship song .
    Great vocals great message .

  • Amos Mutua
    Amos Mutua 1 months ago+3

    Nthakame ya Yesu.....
    Ooh precious blood..
    What a song....

  • Rachael Elijah
    Rachael Elijah 1 months ago

    Waaat such a wonderful n powerful song 😭😭😭😭kasolo be blessed

  • Sarah Wesley
    Sarah Wesley 1 months ago

    Gr8 song guys truly. The blood of Jesus speaks Gr8 in my lyf... More grace

  • Mejjah Fideh
    Mejjah Fideh 1 months ago

    Blood of Jesus.. The powerful blood, this is great👏👏🔥💯

  • Lucy Ksa
    Lucy Ksa 1 months ago

    Wow..powerful song ..May God continue bless you all

  • felix kiluva
    felix kiluva 1 months ago

    Nothing than the precious blood of jesus that overcomes all..timely song of the season!!! Congrats

  • faith mutunga
    faith mutunga 1 months ago

    amen blood of Jesus speaks better things,nice song God bless

  • cuty tee
    cuty tee 1 months ago

    Yeeees blood of jesus speaks abt the good things,,kathwa yeovah Kali sana papa

  • Janet Mwende
    Janet Mwende 1 months ago

    Yes,the blood of jesus speaks better things,being blessed

  • Dannyp Mbokalimedia
    Dannyp Mbokalimedia 1 months ago

    Its a blessing,big up my people,Nthakame yivinya

  • Raph Raphael
    Raph Raphael 1 months ago

    We are covered by the Blood of Jesus😍😍😍😍