GLORY 37 Los Angeles: Jason Wilnis vs. Israel Adesanya (Middleweight Title Fight)

  • Published on:  4/7/2017
  • FULL VIDEO of Jason Wilnis vs. Israel Adesanya for the GLORY middleweight title in the main event of #GLORY37 Los Angeles. SUBSCRIBE to our channel for updates!


  • RushWithMQ
    RushWithMQ 4 months ago+196

    The guy that screams heee the hole time needs to get knocked tf out

  • OhDamnThatsSunny !
    OhDamnThatsSunny ! 2 years ago+490

    I dont understand how they call wilnis a ko artist and talk about how hard he hits when he only has 8 kos out of 30 wins

  • StreamFan 68
    StreamFan 68 a years ago+314

    Adesenya will do well in UFC,.... #Perth

  • willmachado1
    willmachado1 10 months ago+11

    "Hello Police?, I'd like to report a robbery!"

  • Rayray jones
    Rayray jones a years ago+153

    Israel clearly won. Other dude block block block

  • hhjb636
    hhjb636 10 months ago+278

    idk what was worse. The decision or the commentating.

  • Oyeyemi Hassan
    Oyeyemi Hassan 14 days ago+8

    Even the dude was shocked when they called his name, he has already accepted defeat. Adesanya is the winner.

  • alfiah saniti
    alfiah saniti 21 hours ago

    Jason wilnes good...190% indonesia ❤❤❤❤ to jason wilnes

  • Emrah Karaca
    Emrah Karaca 2 months ago+14

    Never disappointed by an adesanya fight.

  • Lucy Hunt
    Lucy Hunt a years ago+203

    That was a wrong decision if i've ever seen one!

  • Steven Ryan
    Steven Ryan 2 years ago+23

    Wow the crowd is so quite fair play to them I enjoy that silence it'd be even better if the coaches stop yelling

  • babs awal
    babs awal 2 months ago+18

    Not even split decision,that's why he left you guys for ufc ,adesanya is doing good at ufc

  • Ken W. Simpson
    Ken W. Simpson a years ago+387

    An absurd result. Israel Adesanya was clearly on top throughout the fight.

  • Trey Grosvenor
    Trey Grosvenor 9 months ago+5

    Unless leg kicks do big damage the should not win you a fight.

  • Lal Sanga
    Lal Sanga 1 months ago+6

    Wrong decision!! Israel was the better fighter,.. From india

  • Shams Iftikar
    Shams Iftikar 21 days ago+14

    ring control, volume... adesanya is the winner for me

  • LawGiver Music
    LawGiver Music 5 months ago +8

    That lost only made style bender stronger

  • Wanefritz Joseph
    Wanefritz Joseph 5 months ago+86

    It's sad, very 😢 sad.... Israel got robbed !

  • Ophiuchus123456789
    Ophiuchus123456789 7 months ago+1

    lol simon marcus is hilarious. "either win doesn't matter. They are done!" followed by his cut throat.
    By the way, I scored it a close win for Jason Wilnis too.

  • Dougie Boy
    Dougie Boy 14 days ago

    AYE...3 sec later...AYE...4 sec later...AYE...5 sec later...AYE, AYE, AYE...thats the "AYE" coaches. Grack up, bro. Jasons n excellent fighter though.