Top 10 Characters That Wore The Venom Symbiote

  • Published on:  8/13/2018
  • Top 10 Characters That Wore The Venom Symbiote
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    Venom is a symbiote. Symbiotes are a parasitic race from the planet Klyntar, who require a host to bond with in order to survive. Venom, who was kept in captivity, was discovered by Spider-Man in The Amazing Spider-Man issue 252 in 1984. There’s a whole history behind that black costume and how it became the sentient alien that is Venom, though. But because of Venom’s symbiote nature, this had led many a story to explore the concept of Venom bonding with multiple characters in the Marvel Universe, sometimes with disastrous results. So today, we’re taking a look at some of those story arcs with our list of the top 10 characters that wore the Venom symbiote!

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