SUPER MARIO MAKER (Teens React: Gaming)

  • Published on:  11/8/2015
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  • PangaeaPanga 3 years ago

    Yoooooo that's my level! YATTA!

  • Epic_stuff 3 years ago

    +PangaeaPanga How does it feel to be this famous? XD

  • Ryan 3 years ago

    yoooooooooooooooo made me lol

  • LilTRoberts1000 3 years ago

    Don't press anything.... *presses things -_-

  • Abi Elizabeth 3 years ago


  • 3 FLO 3 years ago

    +LilTRoberts1000 ikr

  • some stick figure 3 years ago

    did she really think she could walk on spikes

  • Michelle Cruz 3 years ago

    she was just checking

  • Little5128 3 years ago

    +Employee 427 SAVAGE ALERT!!!

  • Sammy Lane 3 years ago

    It's like as if they've NEVER played a game before!What player DOESN'T know to simply run/jump combo in a frekking MARIO game??

  • Sammy Lane 3 years ago

    "frekking" is a qiuck reference to BATTLESTAR GALACTICA.It is also spelled as "frakking",a term used by characters in the show.Apparently you are not a fan veiwer,huh??

  • Mr. Sandman 3 years ago

    +Sammy Lane Players that know how to spell, apperently

  • ella elise 3 years ago

    teens not knowing basic mario physics is breaking my heart

  • Brian Vera 3 years ago

    These teens do not even know how to play mario, what did they do in their childhood?

  • Elia, forse 3 years ago

    "oh, you can grab the shell?" Me: "..."

  • Youri van den Berg 3 years ago

    Big announcement! There is a 'run' button!

  • JazyyWazyy 3 years ago

    omg rly???!?!/1/!?!!?!

  • cat intensifies 3 years ago

    Literally everyone touched the shrooms lol

  • Michelle Cruz 3 years ago

    and it said "don't touch the shrooms"

  • Cuttyflame 3 years ago

    the pipe led to nothing. Like in the original mario game, not all pipe are usefull

  • jib is boss 3 years ago

    don't touch the mushrooms, as always, teenagers disobey

  • Walther Penne 3 years ago

    +jib is boss Yep. They can`t even read a single sign. But thats a lesson for life.