Top 10 Female Duos | Marvel Top Ten

  • Published on:  9/4/2018
  • From badass besties to super sisters, these team-ups will make you say! ► Subscribe to Marvel: Top 10 Female Duos as ranked by the team10. She-Hulk & Hellcat9. Wasp & Wasp8. Captain Marvel & Spider-Woman7. Stepford Cuckoos6. Gamora & Nebula5. Titania & Volcana4. Storm & Phoenix3. Mystique & Destiny2. Magik & Kitty Pryde1. The Daughters of the Dragon – Mighty Knight and Colleen WingWho are your Top 10 Female Duos? Tell us in the comments.See Colleen Wing and Misty Knight return in “Marvel’s Iron Fist” Season 2 streaming only on Netflix on September 7th, 2018.Watch more from Marvel Top 10: About Marvel Top 10:Find out who or what is the best of the best when Marvel Top 10 ranks your favorite super heroes, super villains, storylines, and much more. All topics are voted on by’s Editorial and Social teams on overall influence, importance, and power. Will your Top 10 measure up? Find out! Follow Marvel on Twitter: Marvel on FaceBook: even more news, stay tuned to:Tumblr:


  • lizzie price 9 months ago

    captain marvel and spider woman 💘💗💖💕💓💝💞

  • AYA OUANNES 8 months ago

    lizzie price vb

  • DDD033 9 months ago

    Real talk Spider-Woman is so under-rated

  • Sandra Keddy 9 months ago

    i like this kind of content

  • Um Kate Bishop and America Chavez

  • Aivitr63 9 months ago


  • Adnan Shaikh 9 months ago

    Gamora and she hulk?? 😂😂

  • ZZEB 9 months ago

    Mob Gamer The Super Supreme "Green Team"

  • Chameleon Camo 9 months ago


  • Shadow Heart 9 months ago

    I really want Spiderwoman to join the MCU sometime after captain marvel does but I'm worried about how this would apeffect the current Spider-Man in the MCU since I feel like it would take away from the high-school aspect they're trying to go for but I don't know.

  • Tim Xman 9 months ago

    Another Spidey person around would take away the attention from peter Parker and I feel the movies would probably want to focus more on him and his villains. But I like the idea of Spider-Woman. Ultimate Jessica Drew is lowkey awesome I read a lot of the ultimate universe.

  • Shadow Heart 9 months ago

    Kobe Bonhomme True, but they could but you're right it's highly unlikely. And unless Peter is long gone by the time a spider woman would join I feel like the way the MCU is going they'd make them meet or team up, which I don't know how it would effect his character is all I really meant. But you're right.

  • Groot _ 9 months ago

    Captain Marvel trailer Now

  • L3GACY PRODIGY 9 months ago

    It's already here fam

  • Yoshi's Channel 9 months ago

    Hour and a half to go

  • Le Titan Fou 9 months ago


  • Florian Marquardt 9 months ago

    We're going to have a visual of Captain Marvel :D !

  • Rafay Noman 9 months ago

    Marvel Top Female Duos Ten.Huh strange name for a video.

  • mattrutland 9 months ago

    Man, Jessica Drew doesnt get the love she deserves, and I would dearly love to see her in the MCU. I mean she is one of the OG Avengers, but is constantly overlooked these days for Silk, Gwen etc.

  • Tim Xman 8 months ago

    Anna Chastek It’s fine 😉 no biggies

  • mattrutland 8 months ago

    Jessica Jones is a different character. Jessica Drew is SpiderWoman. But thank you!