Was Serena Williams' US Open Punishment Fair?

  • Published on:  9/10/2018
  • Toni Wiley, Executive Director of Sportsmen's Tennis and Enrichment Center in Dorchester, joined Liam Martin and Paula Ebben to discuss the controversial calls against Serena Williams.


  • leoninc
    leoninc 11 months ago+1016

    No need to clarify; She (Serena) Was Wrong! Period!

  • yer da man
    yer da man 11 months ago+421

    Her coaching was just a warning.
    Breaking her racquet was a point penalty.
    Insulting the umpire was a game lost ..
    Why is this so hard to understand

  • Matt Cohen
    Matt Cohen 11 months ago+673

    He didn't give her the 3rd code violation just because she called him a thief. Let's get that out of the way and cleared up. He gave her it because from the second she got the 1st code violation, she berated him, she repeatedly shouted and screamed at him, demanding apologies and to take away the 1st warning, she threatened his career and how he would never umpire on her court again, and she just kept going and going, i think it spanned over a 3 or 4 game period, where she wouldn't let it go, and the Umpire let all that pass, gave her all that time to calm herself down, and move on. She didn't do this, instead she called him a liar and a thief, questioning his integrity, and he was left with no choice but to give that 3rd code violation. It's that simple, she in this situation was 100% wrong

  • BhutanBluePoppy
    BhutanBluePoppy 11 months ago+203

    Excellent, calm and rational discussion.

  • david geddes
    david geddes 11 months ago+292

    She was wrong, from every angle, she’s totally ruined the final!

  • Kev Mavis
    Kev Mavis 11 months ago+196

    That lady is so well spoken and clear. LOVE HER

  • junesong2
    junesong2 11 months ago+845

    This old lady and Stepehn A Smith are the only black people who have the ball to come out and say Serena was wrong. And I agree with them.

  • t z
    t z 11 months ago+344

    Wow this woman puts it's so eloquently. Bam, Serena

  • Earl Emzworth
    Earl Emzworth  11 months ago+308

    "Was Serena Williams' US Open Punishment Fair?" - NO, it was blatantly unfair ... it should have been MUCH MORE!
    And why should the umpire exercise restraint after being called a cheat, a thief & a liar? One should know their place - that was a good lesson given.

  • mizofan
    mizofan 10 months ago+50

    It was fair. Well done Osaka and the umpire. Shame on Serena, the crowd, the feminists and her other deluded supporters in this issue.

  • Leeroy
    Leeroy 10 months ago+54

    Not Fair it all, they should have suspended Serena for the next match.
    Serena drew the entire sport in disrepute, and manipulated the narrative with lies and false accusations.
    Serena is a BULLY with a platform, and it's time that Williams was held accountable

  • Sandara Puanani
    Sandara Puanani 11 months ago+368

    Toni Wiley, you are the first black woman who has come out and said Serena was wrong and I applaud you! On top of that you are the Executive Director of a Tennis Enrichment Center so your opinion is from an expert. No excuses there are rules in place and consequences. Thank you!

  • San Blindsnake
    San Blindsnake 11 months ago+116

    Toni Wiley has my respect... Very logical thinking and a real appreciation of what happened.

  • Jp Bm
    Jp Bm 11 months ago+236

    Restrain himself because it was the US open final? No can't agree with that. It's exactly because it was the final, the most important match of the competition that tennis values should be upheld to the highest standard. What happened in that court was a disgrace to tennis and that kind of behaviour should never be acceptable. Also Naomi isn't beneath the rules. It would be unfair to her if the umpire didn't enforce the rules and rewarded the person that broke the rules. Ramos did a favor to tennis and to tennis fans that night and Naomi deserved that win.

  • alexbraintree
    alexbraintree 11 months ago+35

    I thought being a black woman she was going to support Serena but wow so eloquently, impartially, dispassionately, equitably, intellectually and factually put. Toni Wiley Thank you.

  • Spread Smiles
    Spread Smiles 11 months ago+159

    It absolutely was. She broke the rules and she paid the price. It was by the book.

  • Rudy Gabo
    Rudy Gabo 11 months ago+91

    I have read several articles about the controversy in the U.S. 2018 women's U.S. Open and I have scanned several 'You Tube' videos as well and listened over and over. I must admit that this lady, Toni Wiley is a very smart woman and very articulate. She was very direct to the point in her responses when asked questions. On top of that, she is a black woman who spoke up very objectively against what Serena did.

  • Thomas Holland
    Thomas Holland 10 months ago+18

    You are in the final of the most biggest tennis tournament and you are annoyed the umpire is playing by the rules and setting an example?
    Go play a different sport then.

  • louis ayala
    louis ayala 11 months ago+50

    Wonderfully put by the young lady in the white. I believe her name was Toni. It is the best explanation that I’ve heard of this particular situation.

  • doctasandwich
    doctasandwich 10 months ago+34

    She broke the rules, plain and simple.