Walt Disney's Tour of Disneyland

  • Published on:  12/7/2008
  • Walt Disney takes us through his kingdom from the time he was alive, to the magic kingdom of today.Containing very old and rare footage of Disneyland from 1956 to 2007.(C) Disney If you are the owner or the lawyer of the owner of the contents of this film, please contact me before Flagging the video. This is merely for promoting the Disney name is a positive way to the public.


  • gcHK47 5 years ago

    Who here agrees that Walt has a nice voice?

  • Kit Kat 3 days ago


  • Just a bunch of people being babies.

  • ked4 3 years ago

    I wonder how Walt would've felt about Disneyland today

  • Angie2343 13 days ago

    @nikto45 It was something better. So awesome in fact, that Chuck E. Cheese's was inspired by Disney.

  • nikto45 13 days ago

    He would more than likely be unhappy with what they have done to it and their shady treatment of and dealings with the city of Anaheim. Walt always showed gratitude to the city and the people of SoCal for allowing him to open the park there. The outrageous admission prices, star wars land and now use of comic book characters at the park would disappoint Walt. His park was not Universal Studios, but something different.

  • mack marshal 5 years ago

    Sometimes I forget he is dead, because he is still very much alive to me.

  • TheMrfoxguy 22 days ago

    @Julian Flores not

  • Julian Flores 2 months ago

    He was a Freemason

  • brandon henry 4 years ago

    Walt is the kind of guy you want to have a conversation with on a park bench

  • Jimena Davila 5 months ago

    I once had a dream about him me and Walt himself having a nice conversation on the park bench

  • Marcus Hutchison 5 months ago


  • Sabrina A 3 years ago

    I wish he was still here...

  • newlam  1 months ago

    If only he was not a chain smoker. He could have lived into the late 1980's.

  • The Tech Side 1 months ago

    Sabrina A He is. Some say he was frozen in ice or something. Who knows.

  • Victor Veichel 3 years ago

    R.I.P to a man that gave a wonder tale of legends

  • Miguel Deer 8 months ago

    Austin Roth how so, troll?

  • Austin Roth 10 months ago

    And dont forget he was a nazi

  • Rhonda Marsh 5 years ago

    so grateful for dreamers like Walt Disney...without him, the world wouldn't be quite as magical :)

  • cupcakefairy87 2 months ago

    @AdmiralBonetoPick His own grandmother was Jewish because she has a Jewish name (((Henrietta Gross)))

  • AdmiralBonetoPick 10 months ago

    @Sweqters Many of the people he hired to make his movies were Jews; he counted many Jews among his personal friends, supported several Jewish charities, and was even relaxed when one of his daughters had a Jewish boyfriend. It's a myth that he was antisemitic. If you want to know the truth, I'd recommend you read the comprehensive biography by Neal Gabler, who investigated the rumours exhaustively.

  • Sean McNally 3 years ago

    The world misses your imagination, creativity, and love of all things fun Mr. Disney. I can only hope you're working on Disneyland 2.0 in Heaven.

  • SDH GANGG 1 months ago

    Sean McNally 😀

  • Angie2343 2 months ago

    I'm sure he is.

  • SweetEmelyne's 2 years ago

    this makes me so happy!!

  • TheMrfoxguy 22 days ago

    @Stewie Griffin so tired of hearing this

  • Carly Steffen 1 months ago

    Yes, indeed. Disneyland has been nicknamed “The Happiest Place on Earth.”

  • OceanicBlue 2 years ago

    I wish I had a time machine!

  • 〖Pastelbunny〗 5 months ago

    I wish I had the power to bring people to life.

  • Go Away 6 months ago

    Me too!