Kodak Black - Expeditiously (Official Video)



  • Gd74 Driq
    Gd74 Driq 4 months ago+8352

    Whoever likes this will be rich and successful 🔥🙏💯

  • Mr Rich
    Mr Rich 1 months ago+264

    Well this is 1 of the most underrated rap disses ever

  • Lucky White
    Lucky White 3 months ago+1584

    If anyone is reading this. Please stay focused and stay positive. God bless!

  • Anthony Fuller
    Anthony Fuller 2 months ago+332

    "A wise man can play a fool but a fool can't play wise"

    L SAINT-LOU 3 months ago+120

    All that publicity everyone gave Kodak for the Lauren London and Nipsey Hussle comments just made him way more famous and all of us here in south FL will never abandon or boycott Kodak.Black

  • BigLife Ah Tell Yuh
    BigLife Ah Tell Yuh 4 months ago+3053

    Who else listening to the music video and scrolling through the comments don't lie haha😂😂

  • David Simpson
    David Simpson  3 months ago+644

    A wise man can play a fool, but a fool can't play wise. I felt like that was directed towards T.I because he's always acting like he's wise. But he's a fool. Correct me if I'm wrong.

  • J'vaughn Mollineau aka Molly

    Kodak to real for the industry

  • dj lolz
    dj lolz 3 months ago+376

    "Say they ride for me til the wheel fall off i be like oh really (O'Reilly auto parts)🔥

  • Flacko Vlogs
    Flacko Vlogs 3 months ago+251

    Ti: I want this song removed expeditiously

  • BLAQK !
    BLAQK ! 4 months ago+1713

    How many people think KODAKs lyrics are slept on? 💯

  • david reid
    david reid 3 months ago+119

    T.I. about to call his homeboys at crimestoppers and tell on Kodak for snappin on him

  • Jeremy Cahill
    Jeremy Cahill 3 months ago+247

    The best line is "How you gonna tell me what came out my mouth and you dont even know Nipsey" 💯

  • Steven Cruz
    Steven Cruz 3 months ago+140

    What was T.I. Thinking ? Lol
    Don’t call him out no mo lol

  • KeeLah Bee
    KeeLah Bee 3 months ago+103

    "A wise man can play a fool, but a fool can't play wise" 💯 Much respect to Kodak .. He did that shii 👌🏽

  • Impressive
    Impressive 4 months ago+2330

    Director:how fast we gone shoot this video

  • TheDemi Gamer
    TheDemi Gamer 3 months ago+248

    Damn, I bet Tip felt stupid after hearing this track.

  • Redondowarrior
    Redondowarrior 3 months ago+23

    So he killed The game, Joe Budden, Gillie the kid, Tiny, T.i and Tekashi snitch Nine all in the same song

  • patrick weaver
    patrick weaver yesterday+2

    “I can’t beat you boys at talking , get me a long sentence” 🤦🏾‍♂️🔥💪🏾💯

    MJE MUSIC 2 months ago+47

    He needs to get out jail expeditiously🤦🏾‍♂️💯😂