4 Matcha Inspired Desserts • Tasty

  • Published on:  5/11/2019
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  • YouTube Addict 2 months ago

    WHY AM I WATCHING THIS WHILST FASTING. I have just watched about 100 tasty videos I'm that hungry. These are the most likes I've ever had

  • Angel god 1 months ago

    Sounds like you eat like shit

  • Maya Thompson 2 months ago

    YouTube Addict happy Ramadan, my friend

  • Ross Martinez III 2 months ago

    When your notification pops up as you're already watching the video....

  • randy Baker 2 months ago

    Ross Martinez dont believe you bud. nice try to getting a laugh was in vane. Not funny

  • Ross Martinez III 2 months ago

    @Kim Keovorleak We are Legion.....

  • Shards of Ice 2 months ago

    Me: Wow I just love matcha green teaAlso me: *sips black tea*

  • Thx for letting me know what matcha is

  • paige snook 2 months ago

    Speak Quickly lol, same.

  • Muder Of The Night 2 months ago

    Believe it or not, I never had any matcha dessert before 😒

  • Virtual Trucker 1 months ago


  • Nor have I, I just watch these things because I'm taking cooking classes

  • I eat penis because 2 months ago

    Me: sees a macaronAlso me: *clicks profusely*

  • @Sugar_ Scenario you eat what?! Better not let you near MY penis

  • Sreeja Nair 2 months ago

    LOL same with meh!

  • zachary choi 2 months ago

    if anyone is gonna make the macarons:5/8 cup powdered sugar= 1/2 cup + 2 tbsp of powdered sugar

  • Thank you, I'm not doing them but it's useful to know

  • nasif siddiquey 2 months ago

    Watching during Ramadan. Satisfies the hunger

  • forte nigte 1 months ago

    nasif siddiquey same here

  • Shine Arendelle 2 months ago

    But that's not satisfied me, 'cause it makes me more hungry 0-0 :v

  • Lady Luck 2 months ago

    Who also wishes he could enter the phone or computer screen?So he can eat any delicious food he sees in videos or ads without a single penny.*Am I the only one* ?

  • Lady Luck 2 months ago

    Joshua Valenzuela thank you.Sorry it's my fault.

  • ACupOfTae WithSuga 2 months ago

    @hi baby thanks I greatly appreciate it ^^

  • Angela de Castro 2 months ago

    feeling sad about that 9th macaron shell coz it won't be having its own partner ;(

  • Kimmy Seon 2 months ago

    Maybe they put it on a different tray

  • FrancesBaconandEggs 2 months ago

    Angela de Castro and there was still batter left!

  • Hammer Addiction4u 2 months ago

    Just add some green eggs and ham and you’re all set

  • Potato 2 months ago

    @Fatimah Rehan it's a great kids book!

  • Fatimah Rehan 2 months ago

    @Potato really? I should go check it out then