My craziest police encounters

  • Published on:  10/2/2017
  • Doug is no stranger to law enforcement. Here is a collection of some of his best moments. Check out SwitchCars for his latest inventory. • Buy our NEW, LIMITED EDITION t-shirts and gear at our store - Want to drive the car of your dreams? Visit to book your driving experience at a track near you! Be sure to Like, Comment, Subscribe, and Share this with other car enthusiasts! Add to the stories of your cars and the cars you love on VINwiki. Download the free VINwiki iOS App - Download the free VINwiki Android App - Follow us on at Follow us at Like us on


  • The Burden
    The Burden a years ago+1114

    "if you like that story, it's time to make one of your own"
    Gets arrested

  • UXXV
    UXXV a years ago+3495

    I got stopped doing 96mph coming back from the cinema a few years ago. Cop asked where I'd been and I said the gf had dragged me to see Twilight. He then replied "well thats punishment enough" and let me off! (Actually a true story)

  • Mike Greski
    Mike Greski a years ago+559

    "it's Ohio at 3am they have nothing else to do"
    Nothing more relatable to a small town American kid

  • Nero's Garage
    Nero's Garage a years ago+1619

    Lemme see this mans insurance quote!!

  • Mr. Sloth
    Mr. Sloth a years ago+258

    A speed limit is a requirement, up until you pass it, then it's just a suggestion.

  • P WrightisRight
    P WrightisRight a years ago+3625

    This guy has some of the best stories.

  • X Blocky
    X Blocky a years ago+497

    Cops-Do you know why I pulled you over?
    Driver-Well Heck Yea! But if you don't know, I'm not gonna tell you.

  • Gearhead Daily
    Gearhead Daily a years ago+1455

    I once got pulled over and the cop said that I was speeding, I said, "is that wrong?" in the most cheesy way possible. She laughed and gave me a warning :D

  • Ross
    Ross a years ago+353

    Of course I had stolen the cones but not that same night lmao

  • aaf1218
    aaf1218 a years ago+314

    One night, I got out of the movies with my brother. My brother was driving with his wife in the passenger seat. He blew a red light and farted. A cop pulls us over and gets to his window. He says "I smell alcohol, were you drinking?". His wife leans over and says "Officer...he farted 30 seconds before you pulled us over, you are smelling the popcorn he ate at the movies". Everyone started laughing. We got off the ticket. That is true. Make a cop laugh you get off. He even told us we made his night.

  • Brett Bilger
    Brett Bilger a years ago+1454

    This guy has some winners. Glad you found him.

  • Clint Gliford
    Clint Gliford a years ago+935

    This guy. I like this guy.

  • PutOutMyFireWithGasoline
    PutOutMyFireWithGasoline a years ago+143

    Can I have some of your luck please

  • P WrightisRight
    P WrightisRight a years ago+407

    Haven't been pulled over by the cops since I watched this so I had to try "I need some help with the two dead hookers in the trunk" last time the McDonald's Drive Thru lady asked how she could help me. She didn't laugh.

  • Kofi
    Kofi a years ago+153

    need to get rob spaghetti on here, must have gobs of stories from the superspeeder days

  • Bavazkez
    Bavazkez a years ago+180

    "A couple of dead hookers in trunk"


    Wish my encounters with the police ended in funny stories and not horror stories...

  • Audioscientist
    Audioscientist a years ago+98

    "if you can make a cop laugh, you have a great chance of getting off of a ticket"
    this is true! i got pulled over for my exhaust and when i apologized to the officer about "my rice rocket with the loud fart can" he laughed out loud and let me off after telling me to get a quieter one.

  • 1987jeepyj
    1987jeepyj a years ago+75

    Foot pedal ebrake has me dead

  • Jacob Belcher
    Jacob Belcher 7 hours ago+1

    I did 118 in a 70 with my 97 Taurus with 2 troopers i flew past never got lit up