"Master in the House" ITZY Cut Full Version (Ep 60, 61)

  • Published on:  3/19/2019
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  • Coaster Core
    Coaster Core 4 months ago+2723

    He protecc
    He attacc
    And most importantly,

  • Alex
    Alex 5 months ago+1959

    That's why people call JYP a family while calling SM a factory and YG a dungeon

  • 96티파니
    96티파니 5 months ago+4757

    I love jyp, he treats his idols like family but when it’s time to get to business he gets down to business 😂

  • Koro Hentai
    Koro Hentai 5 months ago+4866

    I like how JYP implements talent with a nice attitude/personality..

  • Reet Sidhu
    Reet Sidhu 2 months ago+609

    i don’t stan itzy but their dancing is the most synchronized thing I’ve seen in my life
    i now stan.

  • 338690957936
    338690957936 5 months ago+3167

    for those who are saying "He's so mean. He's too hard on the girls." :
    i don't like mentioning names here cause its an Itzy video but, ever wonder how Twice are such amazing performers? How they are so in sync when dancing? yeah, thats because HE also did to Twice what you all seeing now. Him being strict and paying attention to every detail is actually really GOOD. To Itzy specially. I mean, Itzy is just weeks/months old but they already did a lot, and they are such great artists too. Imagine being an artist getting lessons on how to get better from technically, your BOSS. Yup, JYP is the man!
    also, the "Honesty, diligence, humility" lesson is really.. . really good. First time i saw him mention those 3 was from SIXTEEN, then to Stray Kids(show) and now here. Twice, StrayKids and Itzy, see how those 3 groups turns out? 👍👍👍 (not saying other jype artist is bad)
    Being a GOOD HUMAN BEING is always first when it comes to JYPE and JYP himself.
    anw, Stan TWICE and Day6! :)

  • planetcheck
    planetcheck 5 months ago+2927

    Those are his daughters, so you know they are going to be the kindest and gentlest women.
    Look how he raised his nine Twice daughters after 4 years of debuting.
    Just sad that the other Sixteen members were not patient enough to wait it out until they were more matured and ready to debut.
    All of the Sixteen members could have been girl groups under JYPE.

  • bts in luv
    bts in luv 5 months ago+4792

    I can’t stop laughing at the ‘tuck’ from JYP’s back 😂

  • Steph
    Steph 5 months ago+1076

    If JYPE lets you go, there's a reason. He has built his company over and over again, improving every time. His newest formula works. He is legit a genius in entertainment, and he is a very kindhearted CEO compared to those who only care about money.

  • Charlotte Sage
    Charlotte Sage 5 months ago+2793

    In my opinion the "master" overall isn't "mean" alot and I mean A LOT of people dont know the differences between strict or mean . I could tell that the master is just dedicated to his job as he was carefully examining their flaws to point out. Another point is that he is a charming guy overall . While he was laughing and grinning especially when his back cracked . Now before you put... "OMG he is so mean ITZY is trying their best !!" Or even " He shouldn't be the CEO !!" Think of it this way .. if he was "mean" why would he be teaching up till now? And secondly yes, ITZY is trying their best but he is just simply doing his job and correcting their flaws so they can be successful . Overall he is a charming guy who is actually helping ITZY make their way up the charts.
    This is my opinion please leave some constructive criticism in the comments if you think my reasons isn't overall good (I think so too).

  • simpleascarl
    simpleascarl 21 days ago+78

    When the caption said:
    “The air suddenly feels cold.”
    Well, duh! It’s because they are ICY.
    (if you get it, you get it.)

  • Andrew Lee
    Andrew Lee 5 months ago+782

    People say he's mean and all..but generally.. it's a very normal thing with our parents as Asians. Most of us Asians grew up with this level of strictness and work ethic taught to us by our parents.
    Yeah it may seem unreasonable and all..but it's what made Asian culture the way it is today.
    As Asians, our mindset is this: You are only successful as a parent if your child is successful and exceeds you.
    If as a parent/boss, you don't instill values into your students or children, then society will define them for you.

  • Calathea Maureen
    Calathea Maureen 4 months ago+615

    I'm sorry I can't stop thinking if Blackpink was under JYP, can you imagine how Jennie would be scolded by him? I can't even imagine

  • mariel齉.
    mariel齉. 5 months ago+893

    jyp is such a good entertainment, not only does he focus on talents, but attitude! he makes sure that everything is in sync, especially their footwork. long live jinyoung park!

  • Jordan Hang
    Jordan Hang 5 months ago+555

    With JYP and even with Bighit, building and having a good character is a must. And I like that. It's the reason why the artists in those two companies are the way they are right now.

  • Hanh solo
    Hanh solo 5 months ago+347

    Tbh I always praised SM for the vocals. Yg for swag and grace attitude.
    Then again bighit with just BTS their humbleness.
    I always thought jyp was overrated because of some past songs. But after wonder girls. It all changed for me. He is really like a dad to all his trainees. Strict but firm. Respect!

  • pinkynas
    pinkynas 5 months ago+58

    Not trying to put much credit on JYP for BTS success, but I believe BigHit CEO learn something from JYP, then implement some to his new group. That's why BTS became successful. Not just because of their talent but also their character and personality. It's not something everyone can achieve within a night. Just look at today's scandal. Too messed up. I hope no new idols get involve in that kind of issues

  • Hirai MoMo Close
    Hirai MoMo Close 5 months ago+675

    He's REEEEEALY meticulous tho! I didn't saw any of that until he point each one.

  • Sterben 6
    Sterben 6 5 months ago+262

    It’s amazing how JYP is keeping such close eyes on his idols..specially ITZY who just debuted...dedication haha..

  • seungdom _
    seungdom _ 5 months ago+220

    "Honesty, diligence and humility.", JYP also saod thet in Sixteen. Chaeryeong will never forget that.