Rittz - I'm Only Human - OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

  • Published on:  10/4/2017
  • Rittz "I'm Only Human" Spotify - http://flyt.it/ImOnlyHumanSPOTOfficial Hip Hop Music VideoLast Call | Strange MusicProduced by: Miguel "M. Stacks" Brown, Jr.Additional Vocals: Candice FreemanBuy/Stream "Last Call" - http://smarturl.it/RittzLastCallListen to "I'm Only Human" Now:Spotify - http://flyt.it/ImOnlyHumanSPOTiTunes - http://flyt.it/ImOnlyHumaniTunesApple Music - http://flyt.it/ImOnlyHumanAppRittz on Twitter - http://twitter.com/therealRITTZFacebook - http://facebook.com/RittzMusicInstagram - http://instagram.com/rittzOFFICIAL - http://strangemusicinc.comOfficial Rittz Merchandise - http://strangemusicinc.netTour Dates - http://strangevip.comSUBSCRIBEhttp://bit.ly/1BscO1e


  • Mondi Beats
    Mondi Beats a years ago+346

    this rap this music its straight from the heart keep up rittz ur cool!

    JASON CHRISTIAN 7 months ago+19

    Killed it😎👊🤘

  • hazzardchannel
    hazzardchannel a years ago+10

    The whole Rhythm to the song Fire.🔥🌋

  • Nathan Wood
    Nathan Wood a years ago+2

    Lost my mom this year, also lost my best friend to the dope game.
    Feelin this track on more than one level💯💯💯💯

  • Blake Jones
    Blake Jones a years ago+10

    That violin made this song beautiful.....perfect combination

  • Caddy Joey
    Caddy Joey a years ago+215

    that violin though love it.

  • D nice Lightborne
    D nice Lightborne 1 months ago+5

    we're humans. it's ok to feel pain, cry, worry, stress, help others, share, break bread. we're only human.

  • Slective Elective #USA-H-M134

    God Bless you bro, stay strong, you will make it home. Promise.

  • Dalton Ghostkeeper
    Dalton Ghostkeeper 2 months ago+11

    My first time and not my last time hearing this song!!! 🤟🏾🤟🏾🤟🏾

  • Andrew B. GLISNIN
    Andrew B. GLISNIN 8 months ago+6

    RITTZ the lyric chef cooking up fire. 💯 feeling this one.

  • TheCarolinaBoy
    TheCarolinaBoy a years ago+135

    Light years ahead of the game...
    Shout out to The Mad Violinist for that epic string work. Wow.

  • Ladelia Hampton
    Ladelia Hampton 10 months ago+5

    Damn you're amazing and you need more recognition than I believe you even receive

  • paw0822
    paw0822 2 months ago+5

    Love this song. Keep doin your thing homie...love n Respect from the 313

  • Bill Wilson
    Bill Wilson 4 months ago+135

    And the radio is playing lil pump smh....

  • greg drake
    greg drake a years ago+1

    this man has been an inspiration in my life and will continue to be 🤘 love from the boondocks of WV dude

  • Crystal Gypsy
    Crystal Gypsy  a years ago+97

    Beautiful, 💜💜

  • Madison Lee
    Madison Lee 5 months ago+10

    Actual music...I'm surprised. I dont know how I got here but i like it

  • Lady OBrien
    Lady OBrien 3 months ago+2

    This song carried me through a tough storm in life. amen
    Casi O'Brien

  • michael sippel
    michael sippel 5 months ago+3

    Rittz your rap basically keeps me going every day and not giving up on myself dealing with vet PTSD and not trying to blow my head out tha is brother for the awesome music and keeping my head up man💪✌✌🤘🤙

  • reaction_wit_shadow 420 cat named senpai t.v

    Rittz fan for life strang music forever😎smoke weed🌳everyday