• Published on:  6/28/2019
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  • watthope
    watthope 1 months ago+191

    She posted today how she was upset Jason wasn't responding to her texts. She did an entire therapy session on it. So basically she is doing this because he won't respond. She's trash. I wish they'd expose her

  • Alicia Wistrand
    Alicia Wistrand 1 months ago+333

    Ok but she didnt find it disgusting when they were together? She wouldnt find it disgusting if jason still wanted her. Im just not down for that. If this is truly serious then she should have left HIM a long ass time ago.

  • Sophy Wilson
    Sophy Wilson 1 months ago+310

    She is bat shit crazy but I do agree that big influencers can do some shady stuff and if they have lot of followers all is looked over and passed over. It happens all over YouTube

  • Clare Ellen
    Clare Ellen 1 months ago+298

    I get what Trisha is trying to do, and in this year of 2019 I’m certain it’s common knowledge that YouTube plays host to an incredible amount of predatory behaviour, but what she lacks now is credibility. She hung around Jason & that group for at least a year and though she might say she railed it against it the entire time, the point is SHE STILL HUNG AROUND.

  • Denise G.
    Denise G. 1 months ago+211

    Trishas stiff ass hair . Sending her hair prayers .

  • Lux'Wonky Lash
    Lux'Wonky Lash 1 months ago+90

    Trisha really need to shut up since she knew way before in their relationship, but opened her mouth once it was finally over between them....
    Trisha was the first one to turn blind a eye.... don’t go blind gurl~

  • Denise G.
    Denise G. 1 months ago+94

    Now she wants to expose because she's hurt ? If she knew what was happening she should have said something.

  • Shasta Taylor
    Shasta Taylor 1 months ago+93

    They're creeps no doubt. but she was fine going along with it when they were together and when they first broke up her video titled "Yes we broke up , here's why" she talked about what a good guy he was such a great person yadda yadda and now it's all this. It's just not a good look. I love Trish I just wish she would have had an issue with it before now 😔

  • Fancy Callie
    Fancy Callie 1 months ago+70

    I don’t know about the others but Jason was doing a bit with Tana. So legally calling him a name could get you in a court case for slander.

  • ciecie
    ciecie 1 months ago+43

    I think Trish has a strong point. She might be crazy and delusional but I agree with everything she said this time. I was a teen with an older (illegally aged) person and now I regret it more than anything. I thought it was cool then. It’s not cool. I’m 21 now and embarrassed, ashamed, and taken advantage of.

  • Wolf Steel
    Wolf Steel 1 months ago+55

    She exposed them once, then retracted, and now shes exposing them again?..... David and Jason need to be dragged and exposed. Also since she's exposing top yt people, top yt people will start exposing her...

  • Miss B.
    Miss B. 1 months ago+76

    She just can’t let things go, can she? 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Alicia Wistrand
    Alicia Wistrand 1 months ago+35

    U forgot to add when melrae denied ever trying to sue marlina on twitter and then marlina came out of nowhere with the actual document that was sent to her lawyer from melraes lawyer (i think). She posted it on melraes tweet and said "this wasn't from you?" Lmaoooo she did that bc melrae is denying ever trying to sue her and replied to people on twitter saying that was false. Im so glad to see marlina fight back. She deserves to.
    Not only that but the amt she requested was 60k which is the number marlina quoted in her video last year of what huge mua's charge per sponsored video.

  • justjess1986
    justjess1986 1 months ago+27

    OMG Trisha please just shut up. Deal with ur own life.

    VOLAIRE ♪ 1 months ago+44

    Share this popcorn with me
    I’m not asking you IM TELLING YOU

  • blendedby sarah
    blendedby sarah 1 months ago+20

    He's the thing yes what Trisha is saying could be true however while they were togethe,she was ok with it?

  • Anne Heyen
    Anne Heyen 1 months ago+9

    She only started ‘exposing’ on Twitter that night because she was called out for making fun of David Dobrik in her video. To divert attention she started all of this in in Twitter storm. Exactly what she did a couple of months ago when the Nick 🥑 situation came out, she all of a sudden was withdrawing from opioids.
    She is also posting her nudes all over Twitter and IG where underage kids are seeing it.

  • Michelle Perez
    Michelle Perez 1 months ago+13

    I’m SO over watching her videos. I don’t even want to click and give her a view!

  • sarahruby
    sarahruby 1 months ago+38

    Literally all of Davis vlogs with girls in them is all sexual and joking about having threesomes he uses women for jokes and only has other content with them when he gets a girl a car... sexist

  • AllThisLovex
    AllThisLovex 1 months ago+8

    If Trisha cared as much as she does she would report it to the Police about these individuals.