• Published on:  6/11/2017
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  • LLJ
    LLJ 2 years ago+2937

    I remember when i was 5 i was watching spongebob and he lost his job i cried for weeks

  • M H
    M H 2 years ago+3031

    I cried... but not because of the videos, because I saw a spider in my room...

  • jackson harris
    jackson harris 2 years ago+1049

    Why is everybody serious in the last one and Erin and Jack are just dancing shouting FRIENDZONED

  • Kamilia Bes
    Kamilia Bes 2 years ago+2976

    " I will never forget when you texted me good morning as i was going to sleep "
    Time difference between US and Australia .
    My favorite couple Gabrielle and Jess

  • Crillet
    Crillet 2 years ago+1011

    scuse me? why the heck dont they show first pokemon movie when ash dies and pikachu cries. bruh

  • Moshe Ackman
    Moshe Ackman 2 years ago+2081

    I love matpat and steph, so cute
    "I want to eat fried chicken a lot too!"

  • JuKaMC24
    JuKaMC24 2 years ago+2008

    plot twist
    The one she married was the friend

  • Louise Alejandro
    Louise Alejandro 2 years ago+1253

    mas maiiyak ka kung Pilipino ka eh 😂💟

  • Cheira Emeryl Cappal
    Cheira Emeryl Cappal 2 years ago+3414


  • Majolika Syakira
    Majolika Syakira 2 years ago+137

    imagine one of the youtubers coming back as a different couple with a different youtuber that'd make me s h o o k

    DEEMA ALKHALDI 2 years ago+968

    The Whole Cast:*crying*
    Me:*laughing because I don't have a soul*

  • Elea ChickLit
    Elea ChickLit 2 years ago+1866

    My mom took me to see ET when I was little. She said I cried the ENTIRE day after, and I only stopped long enough to enjoy ice cream at DQ, and started back up when I finished. She took me to see it a 2nd time thinking I'd be ok. It happened again. ......"5" 😂

  • Marly Segoviano
    Marly Segoviano 2 years ago+2171

    I been waiting for this for so long. I am here just for Jess & Gabriel

  • αякѕтσz
    αякѕтσz 2 years ago+1599


  • wonderwhal
    wonderwhal 2 years ago+152

    When (if) you do another one, have them react to the scene in Bridge to Terabithia when Jessie finds out Leslie passed away

  • Fluggert
    Fluggert 2 years ago+163

    "He cant see without his glasses! Put his glasses on!" I almost cried

  • Brian Brooklyn
    Brian Brooklyn 2 years ago+212

    3:34 "You know i love aliens" and she looks straight at his man omg is she referring him as alien

  • iStoleYuhrTeddy
    iStoleYuhrTeddy 2 years ago+780

    DANIEL IS ME. ET Freaked me out as a kid

  • Si Malaya
    Si Malaya 2 years ago+1511