Kasolo doing Kitole🔥🔥 @Dandora sms SKIZA 90012064 to 811& get kitole as your skiza Subscribe

  • Published on:  6/23/2019


  • Teresia Mutua
    Teresia Mutua 1 months ago+3

    Hata leo crusade inaendelea, watching from Saudi Arabia,hakika hata kwa waarabu ni kitole 👍

  • Catherin Mutheu
    Catherin Mutheu 1 months ago

    Wow.. Groly be to God.. May the almighty God bless you kasolo with your team. Hongera..

  • Anne Ngumbi
    Anne Ngumbi 1 months ago+1

    Hata huku America ni Kitole. I feel blessed.

  • Jane Mwanzia
    Jane Mwanzia 1 months ago+1

    Ni kitole

  • Rachael wafula
    Rachael wafula 1 months ago

    Generations in kamba you're blessed

  • Lucy Njeru
    Lucy Njeru 1 months ago

    I love ur song kasole

  • Catherin Mutheu
    Catherin Mutheu 1 months ago

    Awesome. Let's all dance kitole...

  • Dorothy Mmbone
    Dorothy Mmbone 1 months ago

    Kasolo mungu ambariki thats great although sielewi lugha next time tukumbuke in terms of lungauge.

  • Betty Reuter
    Betty Reuter 1 months ago

    Glory be to God.Waeke Tu kidole ni kusonga mbele na Yesu

  • Brayo Brian
    Brayo Brian  1 months ago

    May God raise to higher levels ,

  • Purity Moraa
    Purity Moraa 1 months ago

    praise God

  • Nancy Ngina
    Nancy Ngina 1 months ago

    Keep it up,ni kitole mundu wakwa

  • Beatrice Murekerisoni
    Beatrice Murekerisoni 1 months ago

    Karibu Burundi

  • Norah Ouma
    Norah Ouma 1 months ago

    Wow Amen barikiwa

  • Catherine kimanthi
    Catherine kimanthi 1 months ago

    Highly favoured