Keegan-Michael Key Roasts the NFL's Elite in his Opening Monologue | 2017 NFL Honors

  • Published on:  2/4/2017
  • Listen to all of the hilarious jokes from Keegan-Michael Key in his opening monologue.

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  • Jackson Davis
    Jackson Davis 3 days ago

    goodell is the only one who can take a joke

  • Ferg
    Ferg 7 days ago

    “von that was a compliment dude”

  • Ferg
    Ferg 7 days ago

    really respect how zeke and dak handled the playoff joke

  • Kyle Crampton
    Kyle Crampton 7 days ago

    I like the Terry Bradshaw joke 😂😂😂😂

    T WARRIOR 8 days ago

    Not funny 😐

  • Ross Powell
    Ross Powell 10 days ago


  • Vladimir Putin
    Vladimir Putin 11 days ago

    this was terrible i didnt laugh even a little

  • Gareth Ecke
    Gareth Ecke 14 days ago

    Dak and zeke were the only ones who can take a joke

  • Sean Logan
    Sean Logan 14 days ago

    This would work a lot better at the draft with sports fans, these were great stabs

  • Aaron Clarkson
    Aaron Clarkson 18 days ago

    Why do these awards always have to be politically motivated?! I really don't care. 😂 #peytonmanningwasbetter

  • Words of Wizdom
    Words of Wizdom 18 days ago

    The only joke that made me laugh was cam Newton wearing von Miller. But it was a really good joke

  • Kyle Voegele
    Kyle Voegele 19 days ago

    Those cutaways though

  • Banana Peelington
    Banana Peelington 20 days ago+1

    *Stole Conan’s, “ONE DAY I’LL GET I TELL YA”*

  • Imani Murphy
    Imani Murphy 21 days ago

    A room full of CTE

  • MS21
    MS21 28 days ago

    Jarvis Landry Joke.. God Damn

  • Dr. Richard D. Stiff
    Dr. Richard D. Stiff a months ago

    Why is he making so many political jokes? He thinks he's at the white house correspondence dinner when he's supposed to be roasting the NFL...

  • Sriram Srinivasan
    Sriram Srinivasan 1 months ago+1

    lmao what's 50 cent doing here 3:28

  • elbones1982
    elbones1982 1 months ago

    Safest place to be was no joke. 100% true

  • mr arican
    mr arican 1 months ago

    Conan was better

  • Debaser Deducer
    Debaser Deducer 1 months ago+1

    NFL can you please get Bill Burr for 2019 NFL honors?!?