“LeFouston” from “Beyond the Castle: Stories Inspired by Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’"

  • Published on:  3/24/2017
  • Walt Disney Studios partnered with Young Storytellers and Tongal to give four talented kids the chance to create the series “Beyond the Castle: Stories Inspired by Beauty and the Beast”. The third film, “LeFouston”, explores how LeFou and Gaston met. Written by Robert Nelson and directed by Kevin Ulrich.


  • Samantha Ramirez
    Samantha Ramirez 2 years ago+19

    omg is this canon oMFG!?!

  • Stephen Murphy
    Stephen Murphy 2 years ago+41

    He sounds like the original Gaston!

  • Andrew Vickers
    Andrew Vickers 2 years ago+7

    I really like the claymation in these shorts; a really neat change from Disney.

  • Noah Casper
    Noah Casper 2 years ago+8

    This is genius! But their clay faces creep me out.
    And how dare Gaston call LeFou ugly! 😱

  • miacheezytoon
    miacheezytoon 2 years ago+14

    and that's how their gay relationship started

  • Jason Solano
    Jason Solano 2 years ago+8

    So that's how they met

  • Vicky MS
    Vicky MS 2 years ago+13

    I love it!! I want to see more about the past of Gaston and Lefou <3

  • Silver Snow
    Silver Snow 2 years ago+9

    miss this kinds of animation~ the classics...

  • Happy Bear Kid ANDREA
    Happy Bear Kid ANDREA 2 years ago+4

    Gaston's voice cast is a singer? His singing is really good❤ Happy day, everybody❤ Please come to my channel and enjoy my animation, too❤

  • Rebecca Joyner
    Rebecca Joyner 2 years ago+5

    I am Loving all these Stories! absolutely awesome!

  • Botol Kicap
    Botol Kicap 2 years ago+8

    wow cute cute...😂😂😂

  • Fiona Coyle
    Fiona Coyle 11 months ago+2

    Oh my just listen to the words and picture them in a fan fic. This is a gay fan fic

  • EverydayDisneyMagic
    EverydayDisneyMagic 2 years ago+5

    Love it! Thanks for sharing!

  • Zara Sophia
    Zara Sophia 2 years ago+18

    what a great idea! really sounded like gaston, check out my disney videos!

  • Maddy Corrasa
    Maddy Corrasa 2 years ago+11

    Good story

  • Tyler Rakstis
    Tyler Rakstis 2 years ago+3

    That is some decent stop motion I will say. Kind of reminds me of the people in Gumby.

  • KingdomHeartsFan3211
    KingdomHeartsFan3211 2 years ago+1

    The animation in this video kind of reminds me of the stop motion from the music video for "White Winter Hymnal" by Fleet Foxes.

  • FlyingDuckMan360
    FlyingDuckMan360 2 years ago+6

    No one shoots ducks, breaks out of jail, or refuses to apologize like Gaston, but no one steals pies like LeFou.

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    Great, thanks ! Have a nice day ! :)

  • Baby Boy
    Baby Boy 2 years ago+2