Barbados intentionally scored an own goal to help them win by two thanks to a weird golden goal rule

  • Published on:  12/20/2018
  • Barbados needed to win by two, but they were only up one. So instead of scoring in the traditional way they intentionally kicked in an own goal to get to extra time. That way, they'd have a chance at a golden goal that for some reason was worth two goals instead of just the usual one. Grenada spent three minutes trying to score on either net to keep themselves from getting knocked out, and the mayhem is still worth talking about today.Written and produced by Ryan Simmons and Will BuikemaShot and edited by Mike ImhoffAnimations and graphics by Philip PasternakSubscribe: out our full video catalog: our playlists: SB Nation on Facebook: on Twitter: on Instagram: SB Nation:


  • SB Nation
    SB Nation  7 months ago+1893

    This video came from the comment section of one of the first episodes we did. So, thanks to all of you who have enjoyed this series. Think of it like the holiday present you didn't totally want but are fine with.

  • Tom Boerstra
    Tom Boerstra 7 months ago+4383

    Barbados: 200 IQ

  • Red
    Red 7 months ago+7116

    Perfect example on why you don't introduce weird rules for the "fun" of it.

  • Pascal Herbig
    Pascal Herbig 7 months ago+5381

    Why was their even extra time in a group stage?

  • indiegum
    indiegum 7 months ago+3998

    In case any of you are wondering, IFAB got rid of the golden goal from the Laws of The Game after Euro 2004

  • real mate
    real mate 7 months ago+3305

    Morata would have missed that also

  • Cory Toews
    Cory Toews 7 months ago+3169

    If you can't score on your own net (with no keeper), you deserve to lose.

  • NIc K
    NIc K 7 months ago+2292

    Imagine the mental math you'd have to be doing? Umm very, very little mental math... Lmao

  • Carpenter.State.Of.The.Art
    Carpenter.State.Of.The.Art 7 months ago+2089

    I also find it weird, that there was overtime in the group stage. Normally if the final score is 2:2, it's just a tie...

  • stevenjchang
    stevenjchang 1 months ago+355

    why can’t these guys talk WHILE showing us the last 3 minutes???

  • mike csany
    mike csany 7 months ago+2157

    Scoring as Grenada is actually harder than it seems. They don't get the ball at kickoff. Barbados scored an own goal, so they get to kick off. So Grenada has 3 minutes to not only score a goal, but take the ball first.
    Im sad they got rid of this rule. Would love it if the last 5 minutes of a champions league match went down like this. It wouldnt be fair, but it sure would be fun.

  • Cyberyash11
    Cyberyash11 1 months ago+187

    What will happen if we use 100% of our brain?
    Barbados: yes

  • Daniel Zylberberg
    Daniel Zylberberg 7 months ago+942

    Why would Barbados not wait until around the 89th minute or so to score on themselves. Not only did they limit their opportunity to score the 3rd goal, they also left time for Grenada to score either way. It was a smart strategy but they implemented it very poorly.

  • Raffaele Di Filippo
    Raffaele Di Filippo 7 months ago+474

    You guys will want to talk about the 1998 F1 British Grand Prix. Michael Schumacher was leading the race in the last laps, when he was given a 10-second stop&go penalty for lapping another driver despite yellow flags (or under the safety car, I can't remember), and, at that point of the race, serving his whole penalty would have meant for Schumacher to lose too much time and to end up behind title-contender Mika Hakkinen (his advantage was bigger than just 10 seconds, but you know, in the pit lane you're not allowed to drive faster than a certain speed).
    But in F1, you have to serve your penalty within three laps from being told to do so, so his team (Ferrari) called him in on the very last lap of the race. Schumacher did enter the pit lane to serve his penalty, but in doing so he crossed the finish line (which extends across the pit lane) before reaching his pit box and won the race without having served his penalty.
    There were no rules forbidding this smart move (and no time for Schumacher to serve his penalty earlier due to a late communication by the race directors), so McLaren's (Hakkinen's team) appeal ended up being useless.
    Defintely the story of a weird rule!
    I guess online you can find more even information about that episode :)

  • TheSuomi
    TheSuomi 7 months ago+342

    The real question is why they didn't just allow draws

  • Matthew Dworschak
    Matthew Dworschak 7 months ago+439

    This tourney is messed up. Why is there extra time in group play. It should just end in a draw

  • Chuck Jr. Nolan
    Chuck Jr. Nolan 7 months ago+492

    This actually happened one other time, in the 1998 AFF Championship (Southeast Asia). In the final game of the group stage, an Indonesian player scored a deliberate own goal to give Thailand a 3-2 win. The winner would face tournament hosts Vietnam in the next round and the loser would play Singapore, looked upon as the easier team to beat. The plan backfired as Indonesia lost to Singapore and Thailand lost to Vietnam. FIFA fined both teams $40,000, and the Indonesian player who scored the own goal was banned from the national team for life.

  • Akime Blackman
    Akime Blackman 7 months ago+233

    Couldn’t have been more proud to be from Barbados now lol

  • Max
    Max 1 months ago+36

    Imagine being the ref for that game

  • Gioele
    Gioele 7 months ago+292

    I was waiting for this episode ahaha, one of the strangest matches ever