Republic TV's Report From The Hague Ahead Of ICJ Delivering Its Verdict In Kulbhushan Jadhav Case



  • Vardhaman Rathore
    Vardhaman Rathore 1 months ago+19

    I pray to god for the freedom of kulbhushan

  • S Chakraborty
    S Chakraborty 1 months ago+30

    Time has come for Pakistan for another International Slap

  • ramakrishna gorty
    ramakrishna gorty 1 months ago+10

    If Pakistan does not heed to ICJ verdict India should cut off diplomatic relationship with Pakistan and not let even medical cases to travel to India for treatment.

  • m nagaraju
    m nagaraju 1 months ago+2

    Truth always triumphs

  • debabrata nayak
    debabrata nayak 1 months ago

    I don't know, but does not seems good. If he would be trialed before Pakistan Civil Court, it will not help Him. He need a immediate comeback from Pakistan.

  • Author_ Of_Pain
    Author_ Of_Pain 1 months ago

    We are so blind that we cannot even see that we lost miserably at ICJ.
    Is Jadhav coming back?
    Has his sentence overturned?
    Did the ICJ dismiss the verdict of Pak Army Courts?
    All we got was consular access.....
    Is that victory??

  • aanchal gaur
    aanchal gaur 1 months ago+5

    The issue with ICJ is that it's not legally binding
    I hope Pakistan honours the verdict if it's in favor of India...

  • Imtiaz Khan
    Imtiaz Khan 1 months ago+3

    Pakistan released abhinandan in modi's fear.

  • king Ram
    king Ram 1 months ago

    Kaha hai 56inch ki Chatti??

  • Arslan Tahir
    Arslan Tahir 1 months ago+1

    Kill Kulbhushan.