Mega Man 11 - Demo Launch & Bounce Man Reveal Trailer - Nintendo Switch

  • Published on:  9/7/2018
  • Get ready to jump, shoot, and jump again as Mega Man springs into Bounce Man’s rubbery stage in Mega Man 11. This newly revealed stage is bursting with colorful obstacles and enemies. Bounce Man awaits at the end of the stage – a jolly Robot Master boss who tends to play too rough.A demo for Block Man’s stage from Mega Man 11 is now available for download on Nintendo Switch. Download the demo to tackle this challenging stage and experience the series’ stunning new visual style and gameplay features. Use the innovative Double Gear system to slow time with the Speed Gear and overcharge the Mega Buster with the Power Gear. Do you have what it takes to defeat Block Man? Mega Man 11 launches on October 2, 2018.Download the Mega Man 11 demo now! for more Nintendo fun! for all the latest! Nintendo on Facebook: us on Twitter: us on Instagram: us on Pinterest:


  • cala.marie
    cala.marie 11 months ago+738

    Dang, this was probably meant for the direct

  • Atomnater
    Atomnater 11 months ago+108

    I literally just finished every MegaMan game and THIS IS MY REWARD???? I'll take it

  • Technomancer
    Technomancer 11 months ago+317

    Wow the demos out that’s something I never knew

  • Sandice
    Sandice 11 months ago+127

    “Nintendo Pre-Direct” Video

  • Tai Moya
    Tai Moya 11 months ago+101

    The demo is actually tough. I haven't played a megaman game in a while too. This reminds me a lot of megaman 8 and I love that. I am very interested in MegaMan 11

  • ShinobiSkull
    ShinobiSkull 11 months ago+836


  • DoctorTricky
    DoctorTricky 11 months ago+92

    Gotta love carnival stages. Impact Man looks pretty good too, I love his special move. Well, all the robot masters look good actually - as does the new double gear system.

  • 「Memeotherapy」
    「Memeotherapy」 11 months ago+142

    B O U N C E M A N
    The name is rumoured to belong to the what is possibly the most fierce warrior of all time. Legend has it, if you find his home base, you’ll have to survive the treacherous B O U N C Y
    C A S T L E. The place is said to be littered with soft yoga balls, and plastic hands like you’d see in pie face challenge toys. These hands are no joke, they’ll very lightly push you into the B A L L P I T of death... If you somehow survive this death trap, you’ll face
    B O U N C E M A N himself. He’ll bounce into you and knock you back a bit causing no harm, scary right?

  • SakuraWolfy
    SakuraWolfy 11 months ago+45

    It sucks this wasn't revealed during the Direct, this Demo is AWESOME
    Still, Hope everyone in Hokkaido is safe and Ok ❤️ I'll be looking out for that Direct soon though hopefully 😅

  • ProtoMario
    ProtoMario 11 months ago+49

    Love it, buying it day one!

  • Miguel GC Gamer
    Miguel GC Gamer 11 months ago+518

    Did they bring back Mega man to life since he was killed by Ridley?🤔

  • Ultra Instinct Megaman
    Ultra Instinct Megaman 11 months ago+33


  • Hamad Mustafa
    Hamad Mustafa 11 months ago+26

    Port Super Mario Maker on SWITCH!

  • LetsPlaySagaraStyle
    LetsPlaySagaraStyle 11 months ago+32

    Nintendo: MegaMan 11 DEMO...AVAILABLE YESTERDAY!....

  • William Hertel
    William Hertel 11 months ago+16

    Does Blast Man sound like Bakugou's dub voice to anyone else?

  • AlphaBl_u
    AlphaBl_u 11 months ago+25

    "I G O T T O G E T A B O U N C E L I K E T H I S"

  • Crimson Gamer
    Crimson Gamer 11 months ago+44

    Yo I'm more hyped that theres VOICE ACTING for megaman than the actual gameplay.

  • Coby James
    Coby James 11 months ago+19

    I've never played MegaMan before but I enjoyed the demo...even though I was terrible at it 😑

  • ReZaHydra
    ReZaHydra 11 months ago+21

    Hey, look! It’s Luffy!

  • Chaos Jester
    Chaos Jester 11 months ago+6

    Capcom killed Mega Man for a huge while
    Cancelled alot of Mega Man games for one of his anniversary milestones (RIP Mega Man Legends)
    I'm not saying Capcom is going to do a bad job with this game
    But they still have along ways to go before they redeem themselves to the Mega Man fans
    All we can do is wait and see if they can keep up the hype train