Squishy Makeover: Fixing Your Squishies #5

  • Published on:  8/11/2018
  • Hey Guys! welcome to another episode of squishy makeovers, where I transform ugly, used, old, dirty, cheap or unwanted squishies (donated by my subscribers) into my own creations. I repair, paint and cut away for hours on end to complete these. Hopefully you like them. Get used to lots of rainbow and sprinkles, because I am addicted to both!WATCH THE WHOLE SERIES: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...________ Materials List__________http://www.moriah.video/materials.html_________FAQs__________1. CAN I SEND YOU SQUISHIES?So many generous people have sent me their unwanted squishies so I actually have a lot to work on already ! If you do send a squishy, it would probably take me many months before getting to it.2. ARE SQUISHIES RETURNED TO THE SENDERS AFTER THE MAKEOVER?No. Everyone gave me these squishies as donations to the series because they were no longer wanted. Everyone has been informed in advance that squishies would not be returned. It would be completely impossible for me financially to send back squishies. Just to RECEIVE these squishies costs me hundreds of dollars (I have to pay for P.O. box fees) There are MANY other reasons as well, I explained it in this video if you want to know the full list of reasons: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKYCV...3. WHAT PAINT DO YOU USE?I use fabric paint. Fabric paint is meant to stretch, so it is perfect for squishing! Any brand will work fine, but I mainly use Tulip and Scribbles. You can find it at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, A.C. Moore, Walmart, Joann Fabrics, and Online.4. IS PUFFY PAINT THE SAME AS FABRIC PAINT?Yep!! Puffy paint is just a type of fabric paint.5. WILL FABRIC PAINT CRACK?Nope! I have never had the fabric paint crack on my squishies.6. CAN I USE ACRYLIC PAINT ON SQUISHIES?I would not recommend that. Acrylic paint will either make the squishy hard, or it will crack and flake off. 7. WHAT MEMORY FOAM DO YOU USE?I usually just buy a memory foam pillow on Amazon.com and use that to cut up.8. CAN YOU DO MORE SQUISHIES IN EACH VIDEO OR DO MAKEOVER VIDEOS EVERY WEEK?I wish I could! But these videos take me about 30-50 hours to film and edit (not including waiting for the paint to dry or any breaks). And usually about 8 or 9 days of working on it. So it’s not really possible to do these any more than I am already doing without lowering the quality. PLUS! I want to keep up with my Monday videos and my art and craft videos as well ☺9. WHY DO YOU SOMETIMES USE A POPSICLE STICK AND OTHER TIMES USE A PAINTBRUSH TO APPLY PAINT?The “slick” fabric paint has a very thick consistency that does not spread easily with a paint brush. Using a popsicle stick is much easier for this type of paint. BUT the "matte" fabric paint is much thinner, similar consistency to acrylic paint and it can easily be applied with a paintbrush.10. WHY DO YOU LIKE RAINBOW SO MUCH?I just like color, and I think rainbows are pretty. There’s really no other reason for my obsession hahaMY UPLOAD SCHEDULE:Every Friday: Alternating drawing videos (create this book & this is not a book) AND craft/DIY videosANDSome Mondays: Squishy Updates, mail openings, vlogs, announcements, unboxing videos, show and tell etc.WHERE TO BUY MY BOOK:https://www.amazon.com/Create-This-Bo...VISIT MY WEBSITE:http://www.moriah.video/INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/moriahelizabethofficialEMAIL ME PICTURES OF YOUR ART:Artwork@Moriah.videoFOR BUSINESS INQUIRIES ONLY:Business@Moriah.video


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