Halloween Comics [Nedroid Fandub]

  • Published on:  10/28/2016
  • We dubbed some Nedroid comics for Halloween! Nedroid by Anthony Clark



    Reginald - Tom Laflin (https://www.youtube.com/user/arimnaes)
    Beartato - Austin Schmidt (https://www.youtube.com/user/VACyphir)
    Spirit of Halloween Past - Griffin Puatu (http://griffvoices.com)
    Harrison - Brendan "JelloApocalypse" Blaber



    Daily Lives of Highschool Boys OST - 9 Danshi Koukousei to Isshoku Skuhatsu
    Mario and Luigi Dream Team - Nightmare Lullaby
    Animal Crossing New Leaf Music - Halloween
    Animal Crossing (GameCube) - 7AM
    Animal Crossing (GameCube) - 4PM
    Fire Emblem Awakening OST - Grima - It's All Over


  • Kyotosomo (Oct 28, 2016)

    Ah...wow...these are the voice actors that beat me out in the auditions...*cries*

  • Kidyom U. (Mar 20, 2019)

    +just a channel -you missed the Joke-

  • just a channel (Mar 20, 2019)

    +Kidyom U. Don't kinkshame

  • ronik809 (Oct 28, 2016)

    ah man those were the days. I mean Anthony's new comic Back is pretty good but you cant help but miss the old shanigargles of Reginald and Beartato

  • Johann Dakitsch (Jul 21, 2017)

    he still makes them, though....

  • Erica Trent (Feb 18, 2017)

    ronik809 and im british

  • TrueJackJack (Oct 28, 2016)

    i have crippling depression

  • Erica Trent (Feb 18, 2017)

    TrueJackJack and im british

  • John .V. (Jan 27, 2017)

    i hae ostioperosis

  • Mediocre (Oct 28, 2016)

    Finally some nedroid, and although that's not really what bertato and ragnol sounded like in my head, harrison is spot on.

  • gray skies (Dec 4, 2016)

    TheAshogo i agree. i imagine that reginald has a gay lisp and beartato has kind of a throaty, buffoonery voice.

  • hawkA-47 (Nov 7, 2016)


  • MrThisucks (Oct 28, 2016)

    is it me or did regular show totally rip off nedroid

  • Enthused Norseman (Feb 10, 2017)

    Nedroid doesn't have ADHD, so probably not.

  • Shining Victory (Dec 2, 2016)

    +Roving RagaMuffin Mordecai and Rigby unlikeablness helps them though as they always get backlash and never win however the adventures are still cool.

  • king potato (Oct 28, 2016)

    oh god he killed beartato

  • king potato (Nov 20, 2016)

    +King Potato there can only be one king of the potatoes

  • Cosmobautic (Nov 16, 2016)

    king potato your profile pic is better than mine .-.

  • Drabaki The Raidboss (Oct 28, 2016)

    That evil laughter of the Halloween ghost was so good, i want it as my notification sound!

  • Griffin Puatu (Oct 28, 2016)

    Thanks man! :D (Btw I was the voice of the ghost)

  • Notorious Grey (Oct 28, 2016)

    That ghost with the pumpkin head, I imagined his voice being the voice of Catbug.

  • +Notorious Grey Did I?

  • Notorious Grey (Nov 7, 2016)

    +AWildAdventurerAppeared Antivideomaker I think you misread my comment.

  • Gnurt (Oct 28, 2016)

    Arim makes a good Reginald, but I can only ever associate Beartato with Alex Small-Butera (Butera-Small?). Sorry Jello.

  • hawkA-47 (Nov 7, 2016)

    Holy lord Jesus bertatto was killed... are we (comments section) just going to ignore this #ragnolisakiller