Kitchen Nightmares - S05E07 The Curry Lounge

  • Published on:  3/8/2015
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  • Retro1989
    Retro1989 2 years ago+1085

    I'm from Nottingham, this restaurant really took off after Ramsay's visit. It's still going strong.

  • Ramona Gomes
    Ramona Gomes 2 years ago+518

    The owner and staff are so respectful unlike the other episodes with the American owners.

  • NinjaAdorable
    NinjaAdorable 2 years ago+1116

    Good lord, doesn't this show feel PROFESSIONAL....... No queued music at every comment, no over the top drama..... Just Ramsay fixing Restaurants !! Brilliant.

  • Kt Pratt
    Kt Pratt 2 years ago+922

    This was filmed in 2007 & 10 years later this restaurant is still open, and the food is amazing. They do deliveries now

  • Chicabo Don
    Chicabo Don 2 years ago+517

    less drama here, it's funny and nice, a lot more calm then the American version

  • Dev Nambiar
    Dev Nambiar 10 months ago+262

    The cleanest chef Gordon has ever met. 😂😂.. Kitchen is clean af.. This is the First time I've seen him not complaining about hygiene

  • Goku x Sephiroth
    Goku x Sephiroth 2 years ago+266

    Harry Potter and the secret of the naan bread.

  • Quinn
    Quinn 2 years ago+170

    No seasoning?? At an Indian restaurant??? Jeez

  • Porch Fyre
    Porch Fyre 4 months ago+65

    The aspect ratio of this video makes me feel like I'm peering through the hole of a sport whistle.

  • Luci Paradise
    Luci Paradise 2 years ago+157

    I loved this episode. The place wasn't "total" crap and they pulled it together - with the exception of the antlers.

  • NiangoChan
    NiangoChan 2 years ago+194

    I want the head chef to have his own show with Ramsey

  • s0ulfire
    s0ulfire 2 years ago+254

    The only Indian here is the one who is actually from India ie The Chef. The owner is just a salesman who has no idea about the Indian culture.

  • Scarlet Rose
    Scarlet Rose 2 years ago+584

    the narration makes it sound like something on national geographic lol its like
    "now we see the majestic Gordenius Ramsy stalking it's prey, he will not likely finish his meal"

  • bmbc1310
    bmbc1310 2 years ago+92

    That Indian head chef is hilarious. Likeable guy too.

  • Panashe Fundira
    Panashe Fundira yesterday+2

    Who knew Raz would be a cricket prodigy?

  • Goku x Sephiroth
    Goku x Sephiroth 2 years ago+91

    I would love a tiffin box at work :) That's a great idea!

  • Rasmus Sørensen
    Rasmus Sørensen 2 years ago+121

    Love Khan. Amazing person. Nothing but positive and all heart

  • imaginationLP
    imaginationLP 2 years ago+128

    No over-the-top music, no sudden camera movement, no fake drama bullshit, chief and owner are listening to Gordon's complaint and willing to work with him to fix the issue... This is so much better than the american version... (although the screen ratio bother me a little).

  • Avishek Mazumder
    Avishek Mazumder yesterday+1

    Gordon constantly pulling leg of the good looing waiter :D.."" : 19:24

  • Josh Brar
    Josh Brar 2 years ago+71

    haha the chef is chilll AF