Moonstone | Marvel 101

  • Published on:  9/12/2018
  • Karla Sofen is a master manipulator – and her powers only got stronger as she stole the Moonstone. This week on Marvel 101, pick up your Psych 101 books and get ready for a most powerful hero… and villain. ► Subscribe to Marvel: Marvel on Twitter: Marvel on FaceBook: even more news, stay tuned to:Tumblr:


  • Tramaine Terrance 9 months ago

    Yep!!!!!! More Marvel content!!!😃👍👍TERRANCE OUT

  • Alain Smith 9 months ago

    She should be they main villain in Captain Marvel 2 !

  • Shenique Jackson 2 months ago

    I agree! She's the Perfect Equally Match Archenemy of Captain Marvel!

  • Collins Darkwa 9 months ago

    Very interesting

  • Jessica Jones 9 months ago

    Funny cause she is a villlian of captain marvel?

  • Jessica Jones 9 months ago

    appropriately spartan She framed Carol Danvers who was the orginal Ms.Marvel at the time by taking on her identity after Carol disperse into 6 forms of energy after absorbing an Atomic Bomb I think that’s what it was,but it was gonna destroy all of Hiroshima because moonstone had taken half of her powers making Carol much weaker she couldn’t contain the energy. Its alot that happened in that comic

  • GamingSage 9 months ago

    moonstone was Ms.Marvel in the Dark Avengers team

  • Brent Dreher 9 months ago

    The worst part of the wait is that all the videos they're releasing actually have Captain Marvel in them.....which hopefully is a subtle hint that it's this week or next

  • Brent Dreher 9 months ago

    Gamer Hex really? Missed that, but thanks for the update.

  • Gamer Hex 9 months ago

    Brent Dreher When the Captain Marvel pictures were released (7 Days ago) some marvel guy said that the trailer will release within two weeks, now that 7 Days have passed we need 1 more week so expect it within the next few days

  • Shenique Jackson 2 months ago

    Captain Marvel vs Moonstone - Love it! Equally Match Archenemies!

  • Jacques Gauthier 11 days ago

    In the comics there's an extra-dimensional Ms Marvel/Warbird that tried to kill Rogue but who was stopped and captured by Ms Marvel before she switched her name to Captain Marvel.It would be interesting to see a story where this ED Warbird and Moonstone would have to work together in a story, one perhaps involving former villains like black mamba and diamond back in a dark op maybe the female Dr Spectrum. Sofen would be inclined to hate Warbird because of her hatred for Danvers. The ED Warbir...

  • Shenique Jackson 9 days ago

    I so want her to be the Main Antagonist of Captain Marvel 2! She's definitely the Perfect Equally Match Archenemy/Worthy Adversary of Captain Marvel!

  • Pradyum Agarwal 9 months ago

    When are we getting captain Marvel trailers and stuff?

  • TICHI DOG 9 months ago

    First viewFirst like

  • Ranu Jain 9 months ago

    When you will launch captain marvel trailer

  • Alain Smith 9 months ago