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  • Destiny Ortega
    Destiny Ortega 3 months ago+4741

    The tattoo story sounded so legit for a moment tho 😂

  • Makenna Wankel
    Makenna Wankel 1 months ago+1153

    This is how much Liza said “Sorry”

  • eira William
    eira William 2 months ago+1114

    "My real Elizabeth koshy. I'm a pathological liar and I go by liza."😂😂

  • Brookie Cookie Vlougz
    Brookie Cookie Vlougz 2 months ago+1715

    Liza: “ How did Liza Koshy become famous? I honestly don’t know. You guys have a weird taste online.”
    Me: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Alexei Deserved Better
    Alexei Deserved Better 1 months ago+215

    “I went to school for 1 year and it was amazing... I don’t remember it”.

  • CYLVER bcos golds are overrated

    “I am the youngest. So my parents kept trying until they had the bEsT aNd juSt hAd tO stoP..🤷🏼‍♀️”
    OMG!!! That confidence 😂😍😍

  • Charlotte
    Charlotte 3 months ago+934

    Liza:"cool,that was complete lie"
    Me: dead😂

  • Poshybby
    Poshybby 1 months ago+113

    " my bestfriends are myself, david dobrik, and my sisters and mom "
    Do you guys hear that? Kristine is crying in the corner
    Do you also hear that? David is crying because he got friendzoned.

  • timid elle
    timid elle a years ago+9698


  • shye ruppel
    shye ruppel 3 months ago+733

    shakes head
    Liza:Wow half this hair is not mine so i am surprised it didn't fall out
    HAHA dead

  • Jonathan Tzompantzi
    Jonathan Tzompantzi 1 months ago+143

    “Like in the appropriate way”😂🤣🤣

  • Zachary Peters
    Zachary Peters 3 months ago+312

    She’s literally a cross between Cardi B and Superwoman (the youtuber)

  • Jackie Cohen
    Jackie Cohen 3 months ago+287

    “How is Liza Koshy pronounced?”
    “Lisa Kudrow” I’m dying!!😂😂

  • Nandika, Actually
    Nandika, Actually 5 months ago+6714

    "How is Liza Koshy pronounced?"
    im dying lmaoooooooooooooooooooooo

  • The Winter Solstice
    The Winter Solstice 2 months ago+143

    Keeps throwing board again and again
    Apologizes in advance

  • Addy Krohn
    Addy Krohn 1 months ago+103

    Internet: Who is Liza Koshy's best friend?

  • Clara Park
    Clara Park 1 months ago+63

    Liza Koshy:“tHiS iS hOw I DaNcE”
    Me: *AMAZED*
    Also I have to note... SHE LOOKS REALLY GORGE IN YELLOW

  • Banana Lover12
    Banana Lover12 2 months ago+76

    “My best friend is David Dobrick.”

  • Benefit Cosmetics
    Benefit Cosmetics a years ago+14246

    Did someone say Benefit brows?! 😏💕

  • Gipsy Wells
    Gipsy Wells 1 months ago+25

    My mom made 3 brown girls and she's a white woman its pretty exciting Lmao 😂😂🤣🤣🤣💗💗❤❤💙