Funniest Cooking Fails! | Funny Families Compilation

  • Published on:  8/10/2018
  • SUBSCRIBE TO JOIN THE #KYOOTSQUAD!: we want to show off our greatest cooking skills in the kitchen. Sometimes, it's better to just order takeout. For everyone in these videos, that is the cake. Listen, I love cooking sometimes! It really can be fun, but I know when to let the experts do their job and to step AWAY from the kitchen. Because I know nothing about cooking, baking, or grilling beyond making a really fancy grilled cheese. Today, these families are a huge mess. These are the funniest cooking fails. You're gonna love this funny families compilation.Like this compilation if you like to cook! Comment down below and tell me what your favorite part was. Mine has to be the one at 1:28 because it's so unsuspecting. Life is better when you’re laughing! Connect with the #KYOOTSQUAD online: Like Kyoot on FaceBook Kyoot on Twitter Kyoot on Instagram all licensing inquiries please contact: info(at)homevideolicensing(dot)com


  • Lanigha Mitchell 10 months ago

    1:24 what type of dance was that

  • Cookie 9 days ago

    I'm your 200 like

  • Danguole Vileikyte 2 months ago

    orange justice

  • Red Flameninja24 10 months ago

    0:40 "Anybody see my underwear? " That moment when you lose your appetite so you give up on cooking.

  • happy golding kat 4 days ago

    HahahAHAHAHAHA I'm happy my dad never do anything like this hahahaha

  • R0/\DK!LL 10 months ago

    America zombies-🧟‍♂️Italian zombies-2:20

  • MR Story 12 days ago

    Thoes are born for this 😂

  • R0/\DK!LL nice one lol

  • Ellie_zabeth 10 months ago

    Legend says dad still hasn't found his underwear

  • Cecilia Legrand 21 days ago


  • random guy 2 months ago

    haha good

  • Charls 10 months ago

    7:57 OML, you SHOULD never put metal in a microwave! ITS LIKE PUTTING A FORK IN A TOASTER!!!🤦🏻‍♂️Edit: Woah, this is the most likes I've had.

  • @Emily Corn hi Russiaaa

  • Gigglecakes :D 4 months ago

    Charls this is why my mom tells me not to put a fork or spoon in the microwave with my food

  • Nicholas Bronzan 10 months ago

    90% of these aren’t even cooking :p

  • Mythīçø gāçhå 4 months ago

    Baking is still part of cooking--ok ye right

  • Lara Blease 5 months ago

    Nicholas Bronzan true

  • Chronic_downfall 10 months ago

    2:20 baby Matt stonie

  • potato SISTA 10 months ago

    2:28 me when I’m hungry 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ponsa 112 3 months ago

    potato SISTA That's a common joke but okay..

  • Dustin Borglin Travels 10 months ago

    2:22 this guy means business

  • z saltsman 10 months ago

    Wow I see this part of the video and then I go "hmmm I can probably make a time stamp joke" then I see this comment. *Depressed*

  • Tough Guy 10 months ago

    04:00 me after drinking too much..

  • Tough Guy 8 months ago

    Wolfy_shy _girl Too much ketchup

  • wølfy Days 8 months ago

    Rahadian aditama Too much Apple Juice?