Slow Turtle Attacks An Eagle

  • Published on:  2/14/2019
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  • einheit 1 5 days ago

    Its been 5 months

  • Ur name is jason

  • Itz Blazingking 5 months ago

    And later that day the eagle was found dead

  • Born ToDie 5 days ago

    You mean later that year?

  • Master Chief 8 days ago


  • hair on screen 4 months ago

    That guy didn't need a plane...*Redbull gives you wings*

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  • marley- scribbles 6 days ago

    I thought their was a hair on my screen

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  • Kiwi 497 1 months ago

    I would like your comment but it’s at 420 likes and I don’t want to ruin it

  • ag.onewheel XR 5 months ago

    I just wonder what these pets go through to be trained to do this..... 3:16..

  • eggrollsoup I cry everytime I’m vegan

  • Catu Draws 6 days ago

    Probably not much. Judy treats.

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  • Pawesome Starfire 9 days ago

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  • Agno Cynicism 17 days ago

    Did you just assume he assumed that? Slow is the turtle's name actually

  • Benjamin Little 5 months ago

    this is why the eagles are endangered

  • Fawn 5 days ago

    @cplcabs lmao couldn't agree more!

  • cplcabs 11 days ago

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  • The boy Craze 13 days ago

    when you friends say floor is lava Me: 0:52

  • Manuel Dope22 an hour ago

    1:47 Me playing the same game.

  • 1 devious mama 5 months ago

    Red Bull gives you wings.

  • om Punjani an hour ago

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    Oh both profiles are similar

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    God will fix that bug in the next update

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