8 'Avatar: Last Airbender' Jokes You Missed As a Kid

  • Published on:  2/1/2019
  • Long ago your childhood lived in harmony. But everything changed when the dirty joke nation attacked! Hey everyone, it Whit, and today we’re practicing our innuendo bending with Avatar the Last Airbender, because just because this show was on Nickelodeon it doesn’t mean there wasn't any inappropriate humor the writers snuck past the censors. Hold on to your cabbages, these are the dirtiest jokes we could find in Avatar the Last Airbender!#avatarSubscribe For More Obsev Now! ►► https://bit.ly/2MUgI0i►►►►Check out our site: http://www.obsev.comLike us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/obsevFollow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/obsevstudiosFind us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/obsevWatch us on ROKU: https://channelstore.roku.com/details...TopBuzz: https://www.topbuzz.com/user/64881988...


  • Jasmin Erdbeerkäse
    Jasmin Erdbeerkäse 6 months ago+991

    I’m a dirty minded person but those are really stretched out lmao

    ARMY FANDOM 6 months ago+1298

    100% sure this girl didn't watch ATLA

  • Gina B.
    Gina B. 6 months ago+477

    Next time use a ladder if you're gonna reach that far.

  • мαкι ηιsнιкιησ
    мαкι ηιsнιкιησ 6 months ago+1762

    This video is so far stretched, inaccurate, and applying the conspiracy about Kid Shows having subliminal messages... not all shows do........ ya know.

  • Truong Truong
    Truong Truong 6 months ago+459

    What? Most of these jokes aren’t even supposed to be dirty

  • Joelle Philo
    Joelle Philo 6 months ago+134

    Boy, your knees must be sore... from jumping to conclusions.

  • Alejandro Oros
    Alejandro Oros 6 months ago+598

    I rarely ever dislike videos.. But this one's won it.

  • Kyle Proffitt
    Kyle Proffitt 6 months ago+695

    Most of these jokes aren't innuendoes at all. This girl is just cringe worthy. The statement on her shirt isn't even accurate

  • soveryamuseing
    soveryamuseing 6 months ago+346

    My god this was painful to watch. Why make a video about sexual innuendo and then complain about the sexual innuendo? With really uncomfortable and awkward terminology...

  • Royal B
    Royal B 6 months ago+138

    The actual adult jokes were left out. You just took stuff out of context. I mean seriously

  • Pickle V
    Pickle V 6 months ago+256

    Drill one wasn’t dirty, just you are. The drill one was actual really cool and scientific, just cause you drill a rock doesn’t mean the pieces just disappear. You have to transport them away from the digging locations and they did this with water, which would turn the dry stone bits into a river of mud

  • Xyon
    Xyon 6 months ago+192

    More like Jokes taken out of context

  • Candypie 2010
    Candypie 2010 6 months ago+92

    This is the worst thing I ever seen in my life

  • The Blender Arsenal
    The Blender Arsenal 6 months ago+284

    I always thought that the 'rare chi-enhancing tea' was just coffee. Also, I think including the drill was a real scrape off the bottom of the barrel here. You could have done better. Also, you could have included Sokka getting high off of Cactus Juice.

  • Cloud Begner
    Cloud Begner 6 months ago+124

    Tried too hard and still not funny. Writer failed and speaker doesn't understand how execution works. Hope you kept your day job

  • TheLonelyPumpkin
    TheLonelyPumpkin 5 months ago+33

    Actually, the one where Sokka was 'waiting' in his tent, in the scene after that (the next day), he is seen fiddling with a flower crown. This is a joke between the writers and animators about how Sokka got 'lei-ed' , and Suki got 'deflowered'. Just a fun fact~

  • Rạf
    Rạf 6 months ago+1436

    The bit with sokka asking Aang what he did in the bathroom, I always thought he was implying that Aang did a number 2 ( a poo)

  • Sage Goten
    Sage Goten 6 months ago+54

    I don't like you those wasn't even dirty jokes it's just you thinking dirty

  • zanthimos
    zanthimos 6 months ago+102

    What about that one scene where Iroh is pretending to be paralyzed by some venom but is using that as an excuse to feel up that one bounty hunter?

  • MaxxTheLycanroc
    MaxxTheLycanroc 6 months ago+118

    The Drill wasnt even an innuendo, the drill got destroyed when Aang, Katara, Toph and the Earth Benders MIXED WATER AND EARTH TO MAKE CLAY, the Drill was trying to break in to Bon-Sin-Sei, and they had to make clay to stop the Drill from completing the task of breaking down the walls, you guys are reaching so badly at this point, its pathetic