Songs Created Using Fortnite Creative Music Blocks!



  • Fortnite Addicts
    Fortnite Addicts  6 months ago+230

    Famous Songs Recreated Using Fortnite Creative Music Blocks!
    Use code: ADDICTS in item shop. ❤️

  • Killa4Death
    Killa4Death 6 months ago+713

    Despacito does not sound like despacito in the start😂

  • Flypii Yt
    Flypii Yt 6 months ago+459

    Fortnite is turning into Minecraft first creative and now music blocks like if u agree
    Wow I’ve never had so many likes thanks

  • Stark mare
    Stark mare 6 months ago+152

    Ali a’s intro with music blocks are better than the real one

  • Marc Playz
    Marc Playz 6 months ago+614

    That's how Fortnite Works

  • Chikin ;-;
    Chikin ;-; 6 months ago+527

    Fortnite: comes out with music blocks
    Minecraft note block: Am I a joke to you?

  • Ellis Howell's-Davies
    Ellis Howell's-Davies 6 months ago+141

    I didn’t know I was watching Minecraft

  • Eileen Erazo
    Eileen Erazo 6 months ago+92

    6:01 was fire 😂🤠

  • Mati PL
    Mati PL 6 months ago+204

    Second megalovania is super!

  • LoLopants Vids
    LoLopants Vids 6 months ago+162

    I tried this and all I got was
    Errrrrr dong dong dong
    Total respect

  • Thanos !
    Thanos ! 6 months ago+142

    Wow Minecra- I mean fortnite’s creative mode is cool

  • Cal3b 0054
    Cal3b 0054 6 months ago+80

    4:37 sounded nothing like it was supposed to

  • sadFWY
    sadFWY 6 months ago+57

    4:37 this is a melody that I'm going to steal and nobody will notice 😊🤔😎😏

  • Kampi 24
    Kampi 24 6 months ago+86

    Minecraft: create note blocks
    Fortnite: Ctrl C , Ctrl V
    Nobody remember orginal note block
    Fortnite note block music become more popular that Minecraft Note block music
    Minecraft : >:( Epic u copying my creation
    ThX for ❤

  • Shayaar Ehab Salem 9A Søndervangskolen

    Fortnite x Minecraft confirmed

  • Wolflord ftw
    Wolflord ftw 6 months ago+14

    7:03 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Your Boy Uzumaki
    Your Boy Uzumaki 6 months ago+42

    Thats how mafia works called

  • Angela O Connell
    Angela O Connell 6 months ago+14

    Some of these are pretty good 👍👍👍

  • Julia Malinowski
    Julia Malinowski 6 months ago+10

    the last one was lit

  • Scott Dillon
    Scott Dillon 6 months ago+17

    The second 1 at the end,soooo true