Kodak Black - Me For Me [Official Audio]

  • Published on:  8/18/2017
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  • So D’or
    So D’or 2 years ago+212

    "And Girl When We Hooked Up You Said U Would Ride or Die. So I'm Assumin Dat U Dead Cus U Damn Sure Didn't Ride." 😂😂😂🔝

  • Mally Vlone
    Mally Vlone 2 years ago+476

    idgaf what no body say KODAK IS THE GOAT

  • First Last
    First Last 2 years ago+95

    Feeling sorry for those who can't hear the growth in this song #BrowardBaby

  • twilight
    twilight 2 years ago+166

    people always expect kodak do gangsta shit... this one is actually really chill and i love it :)

  • DexterM.O.E. Chiraq
    DexterM.O.E. Chiraq 2 years ago+191

    This deserve a Grammy 💯💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥

  • Davidson Marcellus
    Davidson Marcellus 2 years ago+100

    Half y'all saying this ass or Kodak made the beat worse but did you listen to the lyrics and the beat ? I listen to this I can feel the pain in it and can relate Idk about y'all 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Olivia Carter
    Olivia Carter 2 years ago+85

    This the song to cry to bruh 😂

  • Imanz
    Imanz 2 years ago+468

    This. This is different. I like it because when people say all rappers sound the same and do the same thing but then if you show then this they see the truth.

  • ZYG Music
    ZYG Music a years ago+82

    Kodak black = Street Gospel

  • Raymond Jones
    Raymond Jones 2 years ago+111

    Who's here is waiting for the video 💯

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones 2 years ago+37

    This the realest song I heard inna minute fam.. every other rapper flexing like they in the trap when we Kno how shit. Y'all can hate but y'all can't say bruh lies in his verses no dickrider shit

  • Anthony Stucchio
    Anthony Stucchio 2 years ago+28

    I'm feelin like Ben Franklin my only friend💯

  • KeBo Marlee
    KeBo Marlee 2 years ago+131

    Best Song On Album PERIOD

  • TheFvckinGod.
    TheFvckinGod. 2 years ago+111

    Beautifully executed track lyrics beautiful, instrumental beautiful. Wow 🐐🔥👌🏾

  • William Pomtree
    William Pomtree a years ago+27

    Kodak was truly the best in my opinion, at his XXL

  • Willem Hirsch
    Willem Hirsch a years ago+33

    How do people not like Kodak😤

  • aleily
    aleily 2 years ago+100

    ayeee I fw this lil vibe now baby.

  • Marquise
    Marquise 2 years ago+10

    That jazz touch is perfect

  • Christon Moore
    Christon Moore a years ago+56

    Bruh dis dat dade/broward vibe dang man Kodak real for dis one

  • Cameron Graves
    Cameron Graves a years ago+75

    Kodak really the 2pac of our generation tbh