BTS I Backstage at the AMAs

  • Published on:  11/18/2017
  • For More Interviews, Subscribe ►► met up with BTS backstage at the AMAs to talk about breaking the language barrier in the US, their work with UNICEF, and their upcoming Steve Aioki/Desiigner remix of Mic Drop!Listen to the Podcast ►► us:Twitter ►► ►► ►► ►►


  • Lizzy
    Lizzy a years ago+2258

    6:49 thanks Zach for telling them to keep using korean lyrics and not asking if they plan to make an album in english

  • Yuge Yun
    Yuge Yun a years ago+1225

    Interview is meant to be for the fans to get to know their idols better. Yet majority of the US interviews asked the exact same questions, which didn't matter for the fans. It was a waste of time for them and BTS. Zach however demonstrates how an interview is done. Research, try to understand who they are and where they come from and know what current topics are important for them and their fans at the moment to be discussed.

  • Jessica Brinson
    Jessica Brinson 4 months ago+1646

    Wow I just came from watching Zach’s interview with Blackpink and I’m really impressed with how he interviewed both groups. The questions were thoughtful, complex and meaningful without being confusing or wordy. He was very respectful and went deeper than just surface level topics with both groups. He didn’t cut anyone off, and he let everyone complete their thoughts. Great interviewer 👍🏾

  • Desara Kaba
    Desara Kaba 8 months ago+833

    1:08 i see namjoon understand this aint an ordinary superficial interview like all those others they had to deal with. his smile says a lot.

  • Silber Key
    Silber Key a years ago+404

    Omg this interviewer is the best
    1. He casually sits next to them and don't stand akwardly 1 meter away
    2. He asks questions with deep meanings like, you know he is truely interested and thought about it
    3. He asks questions that NOT EVERY INTERVIEWER ASKED BEFORE HIM
    4. He compliments them in a nice and honored way, not like aww you're soooo cooool
    I like him

  • lady sisyphus
    lady sisyphus a years ago+3115

    You know it's a good interview when Yoongi volunteers to answer questions

  • armyblinkhidden
    armyblinkhidden 4 months ago+769

    It’s my first time watching this. How did I just discover this?? But I’m so thankful for this interview. The questions, feedback and interactions seemed so genuine. Zach was prepared. This is what BTS deserves

  • hope blueside
    hope blueside a years ago+712

    I want Zach to interview BTS when they return to America for the BBMAs

  • Mekella
    Mekella a years ago+392

    What was interesting was that at 5:01, zach asked how they loved themselves not as bts but as individuals. If you watched burn the stage, you'll see namjoon talking about struggling between the identities of bts rm or himself kim namjoon. Great minds think alike.

  • Linh Tran
    Linh Tran a years ago+514

    YOOO ARMYYY!!!! Let us have a petition that Zack is the only person who can interview our boys when they are in the US. This IS QUALITY AND WHAT THE BOYS DESERVE!!!!

  • Jenezy Marie
    Jenezy Marie a years ago+2229

    "Keep using korean lyrics" THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU the Korean language is beautiful and they have so many words that can just be translated with exact meaning through english. They wouldn't be able to tell the stories they do in a language that isn't their own. If the make English music it just wont have the same affect, the same meaning. This is something people need to understand, cause their music isn't just about sounding nice, it's about the stories they have to tell. Thank you so much Zach for this interview, truly it was the best one and probably will be the best one we are gonna get out of this whole trip. ARMY's respect and support you <3

  • I AGoodWasteOfTime I
    I AGoodWasteOfTime I a years ago+280

    This has got to be one of the best interviews i've seen. He asked meaningful questions and truly did hes research before meeting them. Not only that but it also transitioned very smoothly from one question to the next and wasn't awkward. Good on you Zach.

  • Paromita
    Paromita 3 months ago+90

    RM was really impressed by Zach. He was thanking him again again for such thoughtful questions.😀

  • Riley Opossum
    Riley Opossum 4 months ago+180

    This is the first and top result for the search term “best bts interview” and I just think you and your team should know you have done and are doing an amazing job as a platform for interesting and engaging interviews

  • Wrestleoncye'
    Wrestleoncye' a years ago+210

    Coming back to see this much later....RM’s response around 5:48. I wonder if he will become a Minister or something, later in life.

  • LeroY
    LeroY a years ago+1518

    cypher pt 5 ft. zach sang coming soon to roast every other interviewer at the AMAs
    i'm dead srs

  • Bahía
    Bahía 6 months ago+114

    This interview is great, really. But it makes me a little sad that they were surprised because Zach made RESEARCH. Like, that was something every interviewer should do. They really relaxed through the interview. Thank you Zach ✨

  • asiafortima
    asiafortima a years ago+214

    Rewatching this again when Zach said he'll be interviewing them again after BBMA 2018. I love Zach like this 8 minutes interview to me does not only show how good his research is about BTS but how he truly cares about what actually made BTS stands out, his critical mind search for the answer bcs that's what a true journalist does and he genuinely admire what BTS has made and achieve, even having goosebumps and such, that's all heart.
    Zach is an amazing human being.

  • Kim V
    Kim V 11 months ago+100

    Probably the only American interview that actually is worth watching of BTS. Most interviewers ask meaningless questions and never point out what BTS music message is all about.
    Thank you Zach for doing such great interviews 👌🏼🙌🏻

  • Suga Bae
    Suga Bae 4 months ago+91

    I just watched Zach’s interview with BlackPink and it was amazing and then I realized that he did an interview with BTS, like how have I not seen this before 😭. He is genuinely one of the best interviewers out there, he is prepared before the interview and knows what he’s gonna ask and also he ask really great questions and talks about good topics. Unlike all the other interviewers who ask the same dumb questions. Honestly Zach should be interviewing BTS every time they come to the US. 💜💜💜💜💜