[MIXTAPE] I.M - Fly With Me (MV)



  • yoo cynjin
    yoo cynjin 7 months ago+1814

    Am I the only one who wish this song is longer than 2:30 minutes?? 😭

  • Minhyuk is my Sunshine
    Minhyuk is my Sunshine 6 months ago+1172

    Our emo maknae deserves better.. Come on Monbebe.

  • Beah Baldomero
    Beah Baldomero 4 months ago+233

    That wolf sound? That's the sexiest thing I've seen and heard.

  • KPop 4life
    KPop 4life 6 months ago+545

    I.M looks soo good with Cheetah print

  • Vian Olrayt
    Vian Olrayt a years ago+281


  • naneun butter
    naneun butter 6 months ago+253

    When I listen to this (headphones, with my eyes closed, it's even better) it's like he speaks so close to my soul, I really feel like I'm not alone. That's the power of music: no language barrier, it's soul speaking to another soul.
    I'm someone he doesn't know and I only know him as an idol, an artist that I like and respect, but we're connected through his music and I think this happens too to every fan.
    These are just my thoughts after a long day that I finished listening to this masterpiece and I really felt like I should write it here 😅
    Happy 1st Fly With Me Anniversary! Thank you, Changkyun for your work, I hope you'll make more music like this in the future 💕

  • Kpop Apple
    Kpop Apple 5 months ago+117

    The song: perfect
    HIs voice: always gets deeper
    Mi wig : has already flight away
    The Mv : aesthetic overload
    Hotel : trivago
    Edit: ahaha thank you for the likes

  • Natalie Goode
    Natalie Goode 4 months ago+58

    I’m really upset this isn’t on Spotify :/ make it happen plz Starship...

  • A Poor Nameless Slob
    A Poor Nameless Slob 6 months ago+149

    Wait..with subs in 32 language is IM solo the most subbed MX video after Jealousy?!!!!!

  • bleach suppiler
    bleach suppiler a years ago+1288

    I.M: fly with me
    My broke ass: buy my ticket

  • Faith Suga
    Faith Suga 5 months ago+73

    So no one is going talk about 0:44?OUR LITTLE WOLF 😭😭😍😍

  • Kikihft Hyytra
    Kikihft Hyytra 4 months ago+139

    2019 😍 the best rapper for me 👍 No mercy I.M😊🔥

  • Aubrey Lee
    Aubrey Lee 4 months ago+41

    Can anyone tell me why people sleep on IM, and Monsta X? Cuz I don't get it. I just barely discovered this song a week ago and I can't stop listening to it! It's soooo freaking good! Which, it's weird that I like it so much, because I'm usually not into rap songs. But I love this so much! IM is such a freaking good rapper! I love how he can spit fire in some songs, and then have chill rap like this. I kinda wish it was longer. Oh well. RIP replay button.

  • Whatzit Tooya
    Whatzit Tooya 6 months ago+228

    Who's still streaming ? Let's gooo

  • jeonsvtae
    jeonsvtae a years ago+627

    "ride with me"
    "tie up me"
    "let me swim, baby, i will dive deep to you"
    "my body's tied up"

  • Mareta Truly
    Mareta Truly 6 months ago+29

    I just realize there is 32 subtitle, awesomeeeeeee, i can learn another languge from this video

  • Nathalie Lara
    Nathalie Lara 6 months ago+58

    2,883,343 We can do it Monbebe for our beautiful I.M 💕 3M

  • Hailey Is Happy
    Hailey Is Happy 6 months ago+31

    Y’all I need this on Apple Music I can’t just be unsung my data 24/7 I mean for Changkyun it’s worth it but like if my moms about to beat I think that having this on Apple Music would be helpful asf

  • Soie W.
    Soie W. 6 months ago+59

    If I ever would get married than it would be to Changkyun's creative genius brain, I wish I could dive in his mastermind ♡♡ & never leave,
    2019 is his year

  • real__nutella
    real__nutella a years ago+692

    Changkyun and jooheon has such different styles of rapping, polar opposites but when they come together my wig flies right off