Android gestures are risky, here's why

  • Published on:  5/23/2018
  • Android P has a new way to navigate your phone: gestures. But in the early beta they're not very good yet. In this episode of Processor, Dieter looks at why Google might have created the new system (and, yes, he breaks out his Palm Pre 3). Subscribe: out our full video catalog: our playlists: The Verge on Facebook: on Twitter: on Instagram: More:


  • The Verge
    The Verge  a years ago+229

    How would you change Android's gesture system if you could? - Dieter

  • Mangoshek
    Mangoshek a years ago+530

    Even though i don't like iphones but have to admit gestures on iphone are way simple and clean

  • Xavier Mathews
    Xavier Mathews a years ago+494

    This is also what makes the Taptic engine so great. When I swipe up on my iPhone I get physical feedback. It's very satisfying. Anyways, really nice to see WebOS, that design was ahead of it's time.

    TORQUE & TECH a years ago+140

    Dieter will always and forever be one of my favorite tech journalist. Why? Because he gets it. Dang, once I saw that Pre 3 on the table the nostalgia hit haha. So far I'm loving the gestures on my Essential, and I definitely agree with your jank statement.

  • Shivson D
    Shivson D a years ago+367

    This is probably the best video review on "Android P beta". Thanks to Verge

  • Fuzzy Menace
    Fuzzy Menace a years ago+162

    the X's gestures are ridicolously natural and fluid. google's are very robotic and half baked, but since it's a beta i'm hoping they manage to fix that

  • Shellyman Studios
    Shellyman Studios a years ago+123

    When you brought up WebOS, I literally said "Spot on bro!." Great episode, Dieter!

  • Prathamesh Chaudhari
    Prathamesh Chaudhari a years ago+224

    I have to say iOS gestures looks lot more refined

  • Nick Vis
    Nick Vis a years ago+20

    I am loving your videos Dieter! You get it right, your viewpoints are spot on on the stuff us geeks know. EG Jank on P being the nail in the coffin. Hope they get it right (I'm sure they will)

  • djfoo000
    djfoo000 a years ago+53

    That comment on jank is pretty spot on. Early builds of Androids didn't catch on because they were janky. Non-vanilla builds of Android was hated on because they were janky. Jank pretty much permeates throughout the history of Android. Gestures must convey a cohesive UX, and any jank will kill that immersion.

  • Vandrefalk
    Vandrefalk a years ago+74

    I almost went and powered on my Palm Pre again Dieter, almost! God damnit, haha

  • Animesh Sinha
    Animesh Sinha a years ago+31

    Why is no one talking about the resemblance of the gestures and UI to that of the Blackberry 10 OS!?

  • Souris
    Souris a years ago+24

    Gestures are cool, but I still prefer the 3 software buttons just because it's faster, tap vs swipe
    anyway, just because it's already good doesn't mean it can't be improved

  • Van Hendrix
    Van Hendrix a years ago+302

    I prefer android gesture to buttons

  • Mitesh Shah
    Mitesh Shah a years ago+44

    I really like gestures better but they’re definitely not perfect yet. I’m also surprised the back button didn’t come up at all in the video. It’s something that I really want to see as a gesture vs a button as it is now.

  • Matthew Quinn
    Matthew Quinn a years ago+23

    I'm gonna be honest. I'm completely unbiased, but why is Apple the only smartphone company that actually cares about the small little details and the fluidity, and just overall experience. Android is just so hit or miss sometimes and I just question why they did what they did.

  • Jerad Berry
    Jerad Berry a years ago+10

    the biggest reason for this is the removal of buttons on phones. having an always on navigation row defeats the purpose of removing the buttons for all screen. and using swipe up to toggle navigation bar CONSTANTLY causes unintentional inputs. so that's why Google is focusing on this right now.

  • Sacchi
    Sacchi a years ago+11

    Split screen must be replaced with something sane gesture than swipe up go to app icon - > long press it - > select split screen.

  • Abhishek Mudgal
    Abhishek Mudgal a years ago+29

    I am really pissed for not mentioning Sailfish OS, it feels like we Linux/GNU people gets ignored for our original innovations ...

  • Joshua Solis
    Joshua Solis a years ago+12

    Hearing Dieter talk about webOS takes me back to the PreCentral/webOS Nation days