Intel CEO QUITS! - WAN Show June 22 2018

  • Published on:  6/22/2018
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    Timestamps courtesy of JJMC89.

    00:04:40 - Disney putting pause on Star Wars story movies
    00:11:20 - YouTube cracking down on creators announcing available on other platforms
    00:25:30 - YouTube paid subscriptions and merchandise
    00:27:39 - Instagram's IGTV
    00:34:30 - Sponsor: Spektrum Glasses
    00:36:20 - Sponsor: Freshbooks
    00:37:30 - Sponsor: Madrinas Coffee
    00:40:30 - New SSD form factor from Samsung
    00:44:40 - Bethesda sues Warner Bros
    00:50:05 - Intel CEO resigned after consensual relationship with employee