Top 5 Fortnite Expansion Maps THAT SHOULD BE ADDED!

  • Published on:  9/15/2018
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  • Top5Gaming
    Top5Gaming  11 months ago+279

    Hey guys, thanks to Sardar for letting us showcase his concepts!! Responding to some people who comment on his latest vid, show him the Top5Gaming love <3

  • Hi Im Cxrtsy
    Hi Im Cxrtsy 11 months ago+570

    1like = 1 building of the old factories restored to the map
    Looks like we need a new map

  • Acobio B
    Acobio B 11 months ago+155

    I think they should bring back vaulted weapons in playground mode so we could enjoy them even though they’re not in the main modes

  • Scarecrow
    Scarecrow 11 months ago+51

    cough cough custom controls for console players cough cough

  • Vincent Vi Britannia
    Vincent Vi Britannia 11 months ago+208

    We need a weather LTM for FN where it can get foggy, acid rain, faster storm, and more things! Like it you want this to happen. LETS HOPE IT HAPPENS!!!!

  • Shut Up Dodo
    Shut Up Dodo 11 months ago+20

    They need an abandoned amusement park somewhere in the desert.

  • Igor The Dev
    Igor The Dev 11 months ago+9

    I think ninja stopped playing fortnite...He is now making CoD black ops 4 videos. I think it was he's last video before 2 days.

  • Fshhh KingB1414
    Fshhh KingB1414 11 months ago+4

    Sneaky Snowtops - A mountain range with ski thingymabobbers on top of them. Full of hiding spots. Speed is reduced by 10% while walking in the snow. Ski skins would be re-released with the addition of it.

  • TrialSuchi
    TrialSuchi 11 months ago+13

    I would love a Snow village it would really be exciting! Especially for Harry Potter fans if they know what I mean by snow village...

  • ItzSillyTime !
    ItzSillyTime ! 11 months ago+6

    2:34 I just realized cause I’m so dumb the Dinosaur skins went extinct in that shot because of the meteor

  • Mr.Fwaming
    Mr.Fwaming 11 months ago+46

    What if the clocktower in tilted the time started flying counter clockwise which basically reloads/we get the 1st map ever starting from launch changing differently this time.

  • No
    No 11 months ago+19

    They should turn the Viking village into a ski lodge and have skiing slopes u can slide down

  • Yumekia Fullmore
    Yumekia Fullmore 11 months ago+3

    This real cuz thts wat the shark glider and other ppl saying it's going to be a sea map on fortnite like this if u agree 👌🏽

  • haluski trash
    haluski trash 11 months ago+46

    This channel has become Top5Fortnite

  • Tate Gardner
    Tate Gardner 11 months ago+59

    What if a hurricane hit the east end of the map and then the dusty divot filled up with water and they made that a water park and the volcano still came out of loot lake

  • Kathy Gonsalez
    Kathy Gonsalez 11 months ago+14

    Ik i also loved the factory and whos mad that they took out the drum gun i am

  • Babowty
    Babowty 11 months ago+3

    Tilted towers should become terminated trails.
    Haunted hills should become crazy castle.
    Fatal fields should become flower fields.
    The bunker in wailing woods could be a location named devastating dungeon.
    And last but not least they should add helicopters, with new islands!

  • PockyChuy
    PockyChuy 11 months ago+21

    These are the starts of the seasons
    Season 4 meteor
    Season 5 rocket
    (Idk if confirmed) season 6 cube
    And this is what how season 7 will start there will be random lava patches in the map and every week a cone shaped object shows up near the desert land (idk whats itz called srry) then after like a 2 months there would be random blobs of lava flying around from the cone shape thing then now you realize that its a volcano then idk how long this is but i want it so that a island was formed by the edges of the volcano and in season 7 there would bee like a bridge to that island and there could be a place called ashy pit where thers like fossils or things well thats what i think so yah bye

  • Meta Ton 659
    Meta Ton 659 11 months ago+3

    I liked and subbed because I really want to see that history!

  • Hillary Rooten
    Hillary Rooten 11 months ago+3

    Snobby shores= Snow Stadium
    Loot Lake=Volcano Valley