Top 5 Fortnite Expansion Maps THAT SHOULD BE ADDED!



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    *Hey guys, thanks to Sardar for letting us showcase his concepts!! Responding to some people who comment on his latest vid, show him the Top5Gaming love <3 **

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  • Dillon Davies
    Dillon Davies 7 days ago

    Can you gift me a cool skin? My user is SkeleboneDynamic

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  • Mia Galvan
    Mia Galvan 13 days ago

    # water world

  • Xabi Models
    Xabi Models 14 days ago

    The best water transportation is a ferry which you can pop a lot of people on and have fights and break some stuff.

  • Josh Brinkman
    Josh Brinkman 15 days ago

    # water world

  • Joshua Ford
    Joshua Ford 16 days ago

    Hmm volcano pit they might make dusty divid a volcanic pit

  • skull trooper boiii
    skull trooper boiii 16 days ago

    One like better chance thell bring factoys back

  • vshxlby
    vshxlby 20 days ago

    The snow theme makes loads of sense, just take a look at my case
    Everybody knows season 7 is gonna be Christmas theme! And at the SouthWest stuff, and it's snowing!! That may happen in season 7. I may be wrong though, 🤷🏽‍♀️.
    Edit: Spelling mistake

  • Emma Cressey
    Emma Cressey 20 days ago

    Rip dusty spot

  • jacinto trevino
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  • Matthew Gamer YT
    Matthew Gamer YT 23 days ago

    If u disliked the vid why u watch it HATERS

  • Katie mcrobbie
    Katie mcrobbie  27 days ago

    cough cough *click bait* cough cough

  • shell kell
    shell kell 28 days ago

    Water world

  • Shayraykay
    Shayraykay 28 days ago

    That is loot lake not a volcano

  • Robyn Costello
    Robyn Costello 1 months ago

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  • Barry Lucas
    Barry Lucas 1 months ago

    # Water world

  • Puffy fluff balll Fluffy fluff ball

    I agree and I hope that epic games would add a setting to have like different modes in play ground so like you and your friends can pick from like 50+ modes including fortnitemares and also add another setting so you could like pick if you want a snowy part and like a lava part of the map like if you agree

  • Channel of Random
    Channel of Random 1 months ago

    i prefer s5