JelloApocalypse Panel! - Youmacon 2016

  • Published on:  1/1/2017
  • Jello, pLaster, and Tom Laflin say words for 90 minutes!

    The main highlight of this panel is the PIZZ AGAME DEMO PLAYTHROUGH in the middle of it. If this is all you are interested in you can watch it here:

    0:00 - Intro
    6:54 - Showing some videos off!
    9:37 - Talking about So This is Basically
    12:36 - Anime Campaign
    17:48 - The Audience makes an Anime Campaign Character!
    23:57 - PIZZ AGAME DEMO!
    48:03 - Cornucopia
    50:39 - Q&A
    52:32 - The New Anime Campaign Character...! REVEALED!
    53:37 - Q&A


    Special thanks to Chris for filming this for us! And we didn't even ask him! What a swell guy! Check out his stuff here:

    Bonus shoutouts to our super helpful tech guys and double special shoutouts to Rob, who mailed me my tablet pen after I left it up there and flew back to Chicago like a total moron. You guys were great!


  • Plank (Jan 1, 2017)

    audience reaction:jello: Hi i do all of the production ,almost all of the animations and some of the voice acting *crickets*plasterbrain: i compose the music for the channel, help writing and do some of the voices*crickets*Tom: i do almost nothing*Claps*

  • NeoOreos (Jan 2, 2017)

    Too funny

  • GIULI1936 (Jan 1, 2017)

    half of the cast of breakfast club holding a panel

  • Nestiray (Jan 1, 2017)

    Bro your sister kind of looks like Robin from How I met Your Mother

  • jack wiśniewski (Jan 4, 2018)

    I find giving very taking

  • jack wiśniewski (Jan 4, 2018)

    Hey, he does!

  • Sbaby (Jan 1, 2017)

    Who would of guessed there's 3 people

  • Nati Whatever (Jan 1, 2017)

    JelloApocalypse ahh same! My hair is so much lighter in summer.

  • Sheep Jesus (Jan 1, 2017)

    JelloApocalypse well were all breaking the D.O.N.T. Rule anyway soooo.Fuck itJELLOAPOCALYPSE IS ILLUMINATI

  • Vipere (Jan 2, 2017)

    "I don't watch anything that doesn't have a boy I can crush on" if that ain't me

  • Emma Polcyn (Jan 1, 2017)

    I was the one to compliment you on you calling out Mabel Pines. Glad my crown got me noticed XD

  • Emma Polcyn (Jan 1, 2017)

    +Bob_teh_kawiis X3 This panel was in Detroit, Michigan

  • nat s  (Jan 1, 2017)

    JelloApocalypse hey jello where is theese helled i wanna attendeded theese stuffs

  • ohuyu (Jan 1, 2017)

    *Inaudible screeching*

  • Noah Joaquin (Jan 11, 2017)

    the best kind of screeching

  • Ayy Lmao (Jan 1, 2017)


  • Vipere (Jan 2, 2017)

    Gender: dead

  • Styx Mercer (Jan 1, 2017)

    Jello you lied.... I thought you were a skinny blonde dude but you look like Conan O'Brian's fat baby cousin

  • JelloApocalypse (Jan 1, 2017)

    dude I WISH I was Conan O'Brian's fat baby cousin

  • Ladondorf (Jan 1, 2017)

    Weird hearing that voice actually come out of a face.

  • llama (Mar 26, 2017)

    Ladondorf Hese also not skinny.

  • Ladondorf (Jan 29, 2017)

    He lied about his hair color.