BHAD BHABIE "Mama Don't Worry" BTS Music Video | Danielle Bregoli

  • Published on:  12/28/2017
  • 📸 🎼watch MAMA DON'T WORRY MUSIC VIDEO 🔥🏆 🖤 STREAM "Mama Don't Worry (Still Ain't Dirty)" by BHAD BHABIE 🔥now➡🎵 check the lyrics⬇️⬇️⬇️ | Danielle Bregoli - Song produced by

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    I was out there on the hustle I know
    You remember me
    No more sleepin on the floor
    I got some money finally
    Mama dont worry, mama dont worry
    I did all this dirt and still aint dirty

    Did all this dirt and still aint dirty
    I came through popped up on the first day
    She say she love me cause im worthy
    I did all this dirt and still aint dirty

    11 years old I was sittin on the block
    Yeah my family had a little
    So I hid it in my sock
    Sold them pills like they was skittles
    Yeah I always made a lot
    I was always dodgin 12,
    Putting work in off the clock

    Almost got cuffed
    It was too much
    It was a lot of drama
    It was da streets
    That rais-ing me
    Had to be dad and mama

    I was young
    Head strong
    Wasn't lettin up
    Disrespectful my demeanor
    Didn’t know who to trust

    Now my mama straight
    I Ain't gotta push no weight
    I came from the dirt
    Now I'm living great
    Said I wasn't gone make it
    Look they hard they hat-ed
    We never had enough
    And now the bank We break it
    ( we break it bitch)

    Did all this dirt and still aint dirty
    Baby I’m outchea so dont worry
    Im in da field without no jersey
    Did all this dirt and still aint dirty

    Escaped the belly of the beast
    Without a stain on me
    Went from fighting now
    My fist it got that ring on it
    Boynton Beach out to the hills
    How far I came from it
    Now the whole world sneaking pictures for the fame of it
    On that show
    Man that's old news
    120 On the ranch
    On my own two
    I did that crime
    I beat that case
    Kept paying my dues
    I did my time
    I made a way
    And now I can't lose