Ben Shapiro: Civil Discourse | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

  • Published on:  6/29/2018
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  • Salman Salman
    Salman Salman a years ago+10075

    Bill: farts
    Crowd: claps like a circus of seals

  • Tovarasul Ceausescu
    Tovarasul Ceausescu 21 days ago+742

    Bill:"Orange man bad"
    Audience: "OOGA BOOGA HAHAHAH"

  • Youve been lied to
    Youve been lied to 7 days ago+262


  • Ethan K.
    Ethan K. 21 days ago+208

    Bill: Takes his pants off and shits on floor
    Crowd: Claps and cries hysterically and cheers him on to drop another log

  • Joseph Tucciarone
    Joseph Tucciarone 14 days ago+137

    Given hindsight, Ben was great. Facts win over emotions. Win goes to Ben.

  • People Get slapped
    People Get slapped a years ago+3748

    Can't they just have a conversation without the cheerleaders?

  • Joshua Waltz
    Joshua Waltz 14 days ago+210

    Man Bill is rude son of a gun. Let Ben speak without interrupting.

  • BriarRose
    BriarRose 7 days ago+61

    Hahaha. "Ben, is he a doofus or an evil genius? You gotta pick one". Ben pwned this guy. Bill Maher couldn't argue his way out of a paper bag, he's just full of vague remarks.

  • tom nguyen
    tom nguyen 2 days ago+13

    Does Bill still make statement that Trump colluded with Russian?

  • San Diego FJ09 Adventures

    This guy can't be phased. Bill had no where to go.

  • SPPSports
    SPPSports a years ago+3925

    I bet this guy is married to a doctor.

  • bob joe
    bob joe 21 days ago+37

    He's also gunna win 2020 🇨🇦

  • Sonn Ikdoh
    Sonn Ikdoh 5 days ago+13

    So Bill dug up some imagination presented this fairy tale to Ben as a Hypothetical just to get Ben to say he is for impeachment? The level of pathetic is breath taking.

  • Amber Pollock
    Amber Pollock 6 days ago+16

    Wow, gotta have respect for Ben Shapiro for being able to remain logical and give valid points despite nobody cheering for him when his points are clearly far superior.

  • toneman335
    toneman335 6 days ago+24

    Hey Bill...If Hillary Clinton wasn't so corrupt and committed criminal acts then so many people wouldn't want to "lock her up"!

  • ProudNothing
    ProudNothing a years ago+8737

    600 officers at Berkley. Silence ensues.

  • Fuck You
    Fuck You 14 days ago+24

    Bill Maher is an moronic buffoon. I can't believe he still has a his own show. Ben Shapiro is my hero
    M.A.G.A TRUMP 2020

  • Griffin Binu
    Griffin Binu 14 days ago+26

    Bill Maher talked over Ben many times and pretends like he knows the first thing about civility.

  • Christian Todorov
    Christian Todorov 14 days ago+45

    u cant be both dumb and smart
    bill maher: hitler was both,he was crazy and a genius
    ....what?! and he got an ovation for that!?

  • Michael Bontz
    Michael Bontz 14 days ago+38

    Man, Bill took a huge L and still uploaded to YouTube. That’s the only thing I can appreciate out of this video from him