Paradise Palms Trap House - Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay - Ninja

  • Published on:  9/13/2018
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  • Trevor G4m3r
    Trevor G4m3r 11 months ago+142

    Which one you play on?
    Like = CONSOLE
    Comment = PC

  • Humour Tv
    Humour Tv 11 months ago+378

    Who is better at Fortnite?
    Like = Ninja
    Comment = Tfue

  • Qwenty.
    Qwenty. 11 months ago+442

    This is Ali-A🤥
    He has 100 Health and 100 Shield
    1 like = 1 damage
    Can we defeat Ali A?

  • Mythical Wxsh
    Mythical Wxsh 11 months ago+129

    This is Ninja
    Every like is how many years ninja will live >:)

  • zImTxrk
    zImTxrk 11 months ago+544

    The last number of your like is who you are:
    1: Hamlinz
    2-3: Ninja
    4-5: Tfue
    6-7: Dakotaz
    8-9: Myth
    0: That one default skin that has no mic that you got into a random duo with..
    What did you get??

  • Riley McKenzie
    Riley McKenzie 10 months ago

    Ninja: loot i love loot mwahahahaaaaa

  • luca lavandera
    luca lavandera 10 months ago

    You’re my favorite YouTube

  • Dylan Lo
    Dylan Lo 11 months ago

    16:43 I’m starting to think he is actually Spider-Man. Look at how easy he makes it look!

  • Money Man101
    Money Man101 11 months ago

    That snipe at the end thought. 😂

  • Void_Coafz
    Void_Coafz 11 months ago+600

    The last number of like is who you are:
    1-2 Ninja
    3-4 Tfue
    5-6 Liquid Vivid
    7-8 Liquid Poach
    9 Hamlinz
    0 A no skin that can sprint and does not have a mic in random duo or squad

  • MaD LaD
    MaD LaD 11 months ago

    8:48 when Ninja teaches you counting

  • Ascend Fortnite
    Ascend Fortnite 11 months ago

    0:27 a default was going for the tower then it saw ninja and it was like "Nope!"

  • OWP
    OWP 10 months ago

    The ending made me smile

  • TTV_1cy Toxic Waugh
    TTV_1cy Toxic Waugh 11 months ago

    U are the best I love to watch u when I’m bored or not in the mood for anything but ur vids put a smile on my face thanks for the good content

  • Messi
    Messi 11 months ago+23

    عربي حط لايك 👍🔥😍❤️.....
    ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  • icantplaythis202 Penguin

    I wish I could play with ninja I have never got a win before I’ve been playing this game for two years :(

  • TheChopBoy :v
    TheChopBoy :v 11 months ago+9

    Like for ninja teacher

  • Alex Blaze 547
    Alex Blaze 547 10 months ago

    When you killed both those guys at 4:08 was MLG

  • Terrell Westbrook Jr
    Terrell Westbrook Jr 11 months ago+1

    My favorite steamers:ninja myth Daquan drlupo.

  • GamerSlimes115
    GamerSlimes115 11 months ago

    I think imma start watching Ninja. He seems cool.